Hiiro no Kakera Episode 2: Blood Secrets

In which the pieces begin to fall into place.


Tamaki begins to worry a lot more about the weakened seals when she finds that her grandmother is refusing to see anyone. The guardians decide to help her with finding out what exactly the Tamayorihime does, because each of them where charged with protecting her, but no other specifics as to their duties. After discussing the weakening barriers, they embark into the sealed area to check the enchanted artifacts, but are attacked by the drowned gods. A mysterious organization moves in the background to destroy the Tamayorihime


I really enjoyed this episode, since they got past most of the boring introductions last time. There was an opening! And development on the suspense front.

Tamaki wakes up from a dream about the Logos plotting, and I thought this was relevant because it begins to reveal her powers. After all, she is descendant of a powerful ancestor. The thing is, her powers haven’t fully awakened yet…and this is going to be a major problem for the guardians and the current princess. Baba-san is getting old, and her powers are waning, which brings me to the conclusion that she might be taking part in pulling the strings in the background in order to awaken Tamaki’s powers. Other than that, the gang would just be wandering around without a clue while the barriers weaken by the day.

The opening was pretty good, is showcased all the characters. There’s still one guardian that needs to show off their power, and he shows up at the end of episode.

Fighting: the encounter in the forest was pretty important in the describing the power dynamic between the characters. Takuma fights with his bare fists, while the other guardians are more the element type. According the original Hiiro no Kakera games, Takuma is descendent of oni, which slows him down when he’s close  to the Onikirimari, despite the amount of power he carries inside of him. But they’re slowly building a romance(?) between him and Tamaki…which I think will be pretty cute. :3 The blonde teacher (which I suspect is a part of Logos) provided a perfect flashpoint for Tamaki and Takuma to face off. The fact that Takuma doesn’t even show any interest in anyone is a strong contrast to Tamaki, who wears her emotions close to the surface.

I SWEAR I’M DONE ANALYZING THE DETAILS, NOW FOR OTHER THINGS. I’m half afraid for this show to be another useless heroine show, but it seems to doing alright for itself in balancing the action. There’s a good balance between the school-life and action, as well as the slow build up in suspense- I actually want to watch the next episode, unlike last week’s episode. Good job on redeeming yourself, Studio DEEN! Still sad, though, that they couldn’t get the level of quality of artwork from Yone Kazuki’s work.

Looking forward to next week!


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