Uchuu Kyoudai Ep 2: Tightening the Loose Screw

Mutta finds himself conflicted on whether he actually could do the test or not and seeks his Aunt Sharon. She helps him understand that he shouldn’t give up without trying, and Mutta heads out and successfully passes the first exam and notices a loose screw in the chair and fixes it while proceeding with his interview.

EEEEE!!! Mutta’s bad habit pulled off! 😀 He and the other two candidates all noticed the loose screws and proceeded with the interview while fixing it! Gosh, I loved that technique! What a great way to see whether they’ll let a little flaw take serious notice. After all, if they were in space, they can’t ignore anything that could possibly jeopardize the mission!
I found that even though the screw was an extra test, it played a symbolic role in this episode. Look at it this way: Mutta didn’t have confidence in himself and his dream was simply a loose screw that hasn’t been tightened like it should have in the first place. In other words, it was because he gave up/forgotten about it when he should have just tried (as he done so now) in the first place.
It looks like our main cast has gathered: Kenji, Serika and Mutta himself. I smell a potential LOVE TRIANGLE forming! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH!!! I’m glad that Mutta is already making a friend, I mean he seems (though we have no idea if he had friends in his previous career) to be a bit of a lone wolf. So it will be nice to see him be able to hang out with people, and possibly (no, MOST DEFINITELY) fall in love. He really deserves it after all that misfortune he had to put up with throughout his entire life. Now that he’s bursting with newfound confidence and is in progression of pursuing his dream, I hope his life will become a bit more positive.
It appears that there was a correction last week, just after the first episode debuted that this show will unfortunately only have seventeen episodes. It’s a shame really, because this show holds a whole lot of potential, but at this rate we will be seeing some serious time skips (not that it wasn’t expected in the first place), but we’ll see LOTS of it. Hopefully everything will unfold neatly.
Speaking of which, I have to say this episode’s pacing was considerably well done. It didn’t feel rushed, I actually checked the time three times to see how far I was into it. If they continue it steady like this, then they might just be able to make it successful despite the lack of episodes. And who knows, maybe this will get a second season in the future to continue, depending on how it ends.


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