The Paranormal Investigations Club – a club consisting of three members: Niiya Teiichi, Kanoe Kirie and Okonogi Momoe, with a ghost president – quite literally. Kanoe Yuuko is the ghost of a girl that died in the old school building at Seikyou Academy and now haunts the school as a wandering spirit, with only Teiichi and Kirie being able to see her.


Well, that was certainly different to how the manga started off – and though it may seem unfair to draw comparisons, it was definitely a weaker start compared to the gripping opening the manga showed us. Even so, we still got a basic gist of the situation within the Paranormal Investigations Club, which was that they…uhh, investigate paranormal activity? hammer bonked by Yuuko While it’s clear that Teiichi and Kirie can see Yuuko perfectly clearly, Momoe can’t, so Yuuko happily abuses this by messing around with her all the time.

We actually had the same scene twice with the club members talking to each other, one with and the other without Yuuko’s appearance. Somehow I feel I’ve been cheated out of a bit of my time, but I guess if this is the way Silver Link’s going to explain it…I mean it’s a lower budget for them, since they repeat the scene and add Yuuko where necessary.

Momoe makes things a lot lighter and less tense than it is in the manga – well, Yuuko does as well, but the fact that she’s the ghost in question does make you a bit wary of her. Momoe tries too hard sometimes to find mysteries to solve, like the whole thing with the supposed elevator haunting and dragging the club up to Yuuko’s grave, which was probably a bit disturbing for Teiichi and Kirie seeing as the grave’s owner is floating behind them. With stuff like graves falling over or fake phone calls that are obviously fake, it’s amazing how Momoe hasn’t realized that ghosts actually exist.

For a girl that died and lost her memory of her life before death, Yuuko’s very lively and clingy, which doesn’t agree with the other type of ghost portrayal, which is the whole “depressed soul” motif. I see all sorts of awkward situations between Yuuko and Teiichi, which I bet Yuuko will abuse since no-one else except Kirie can see her. From that slightly ecchi elevator scene (cleverly hidden by the elevator moving) just imagine how awkward it would be if Momoe walks in on Teiichi getting it on with…apparently nothing xD Ecchi ghost girl for the win.

I won’t say anything about Kirie, since nothing much about her was revealed other than the fact she could see Yuuko as well, and isn’t exactly on good terms with her. But yes, her full name is Kanoe Kirie. Speculate away, guys xD During the PV before this aired, there was actually a lot of animated content from the start of the manga – so what I’m hoping is that we go back to before the club was formed and play out everything between Teiichi and Yuuko’s meeting, as well as how Momoe and Kirie eventually joined. Overall I wasn’t too pleased with this debut, but I’ll still blog it – based on my bias from the manga, I really hope to see it faithfully animated, because it’ll be a hit if it is.

Side Note 1: Isn’t the OP, Choir Jail just fabulous max? 

Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of Blogging: Guaranteed


ZeroG’s Impression


Yet another interesting show this season, I guess they never stop coming. This looks like an interesting mystery and supernatural story to follow, but I was expecting a show a little more dark than this to be honest. After all, since we are talking about a ghost, I was expecting people dying left and right and horrible atrocities to happen. As of this episode, I feel like there will be more ecchi than killing in this show.  But somehow I can’t really decide which one is best between the two.

Right now the initial setting as been laid out, but I still don’t know where this show will actually be going. Of course the story will revolve around Yuuko, but what is her purpose? We know she has amnesia, but what does this mean for the story? She is trying to remember her past life? She has some sort of curse that needs to be lifted before she can move on? I have a feeling that this show will end with Yuuko spirit finally being free. But just how will this tormented ghost find salvation? I guess this is what this show will be about.

One thing I kind of dislike about the show is that the sexual tension is already really big, If Yuuko and Teiichi don’t sleep together by the end of the season, I think I would be disappointed and I’ll kill a kitten. There is still so much to be discovered with this little story, we still don’t know the personality of just about every character and the story as not even kicked off yet. I will definitely need to watch a second or third episode before I can even pronounce myself on how good or bad this show will be.


I will be watching this show, but I’ll see if I actually blog it or not.

Possibility of Watching: Likely
Possibility of Blogging: Unlikely


ZeroG signing off