Seirin High School’s basketball club recruits new members, and one of them turns out to be a player from the ‘Miracle Generation’ who is considered as a Phantom or a Shadow.

First Impression: Crappy Summary I know! OTL||||
Oh man this was such a great way to kick off the show! <3
Kuroko’s lack of presence is awesome! Thanks to that, it not only leaves him always open (even more so when one gets doubled team). Most certainly it would be great if Kuroko could improve his abilities to score, of course that’s not the kind of role he plays. His role is so mysterious, so out of ordinary that it’s exactly what catches the opponents off guard, and by far the best trump card. However if there’s opponent, as I can imagine at least one if not all the ‘miracle generation’ players are aware of his presence (or heck it could be another player who isn’t known for how strong they truely are) it would screw everything up, and he wouldn’t be able to pull off his strategy so smoothly, or possibly at all. So one day, whenever that happens- I wonder how Kuroko will deal with this situation and how he will decide to overcome it.
Kagami is pure badass. He got that ferocious aura that makes people hesitate approaching him, he got that height that allows him to dunk the way he does, and on top of that he’s a powerful player with brute strength. Most certainly Kagami and Kuroko would be an epic tag team as they are literally complete opposites, and despite that- balance each other’s abilities and weaknesses.
Having a girl (not to mention a student!) as a coach is even more epic. I mean, her skill of being able to judge the player’s athletic abilities thanks to observing her father (who is a trainer) in action is amazing. She is also serious about basketball and training the players. I’m really looking forward to see how she coaches them and what other talents she holds with that pair of eyes that are extremely good at observations.
Overall, Kuroko no Basket had a perfect debut. This episode was strong, an eye-catcher, entertained us from start to finish and the cast look to be incredibly fascinating. I don’t remember how long it has been since we’ve last seen a true Basketball anime (NO, RO-KYU-BU! NOR BASQUASH DOES NOT COUNT!!!!) was (correct me if I am wrong) Slam Dunk which first aired back in 1993. There’s not very many, most certainly a handful of mangas, but Anime… nope.
It’s considerably rare.
So because of that, I am absolutely escastic and am super eager to watch this. I’ve read the manga in the past, but as I mentioned in the Spring Preview, it’s been god knows how many years since I’ve read it and kind of forgotten about it. So it won’t influence me how I feel whatsoever, nor will I be able to tell the difference between the two unless I decide to be impatient and jump to the manga- which I do too often and only end up in disappointment *COUGHEYESHIELD21COUGH*.
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  1. TimesTicking

    Woot! Kuroko!!!
    Great episode, I wonder how many episode this series is going to have O.o
    Next episode Kise is going to show up XD

    1. Eva

      I hope it will go on for a while *w*

  2. Kencana

    I like Kuroko and his deadpan face. I like that he’s not a typical protagonist anime sport (Usually they’re either prodigy or newbie)

    1. Eva

      XD Kuroko is so awesome! Yeah that’s what I like about him too- though you could consider him a prodigy as a shadow! XD

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