Jormungand episode 2: Her name is Koko she is loco I said oh no!

Lets take a little trip to the southern Russian border and see what good deal we can make today.



I liked this episode much more than the first, I must admit that I am much more interesting in the characters than in the action itself, the setting must be only a background for conflict to develop and explore the characters, I don’t want explosions to become the central focus of this show.

This episode was not focused so much on Jonah and I loved it, not that Jonah isn’t an interesting character, but Koko is so much more interesting. I had an intense boner when she sold out Currie to safely escape the region without a fight. She might look completely unpredictable and unstable, but she seems to always do the right thing to escape in the best way possible of any possible situation, it sure was interesting.

Fun time is about to begin

This episode Lutz had a little more air time, of course we didn’t learn much about him, but it was still interesting to see a little more about his personality. He was dual wielding pistol and looked really bad ass when chaos was about to erupt during the trade. It is difficult to guess just how good Koko’s body guards are, or how crazy or sane they might be. After all no one perfectly sane would work for that girl, nor would anyone who is not the very best at what they do.  I just really want to see everyone in action, to see their individual skill and story.

Photoshop, you know you want to

We had a little foreshadowing of Velmet’s past story, we learned that she was betrayed and lost everything, what exactly happened? No clue yet, but this is what I want this show to be about! There is no way that all those body guards don’t have super interesting story to tell and I want to learn about all of them. I could care less if the amount of explosion is limited and if they escape every bad transaction without firing their guns, if I can see more of Koko’s insanity I will be perfectly satisfied.

Another new character that I love is Mildred, I have no idea if she is present only for comedy effect, but she sure is interesting. She has no self-control and her impulsiveness makes her do interesting things. I love dangerous women. It is just unfortunate that she is such a weakling, at least compared to Velmet. Even Jonah was unimpressed with her professionalism, you know you are kind of lacking when a child is unimpressed by your skills.

Jonah is unimpressed

I was a little uncertain about this show after the first episode, but now I know a little more what kind of story will come out of it and I am positively impressed by it, I am looking forward to cover this show from now on and learn more about all those interesting body guards that Koko carries around.

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