I’m just wow’d by everything. They treated this like a real game, Kagami and Kuroko forced out Kise’s true colours during that one play (god help them when he uses it more in a real match). I have no idea how they will overcome that. Boy, I’m eager to see whether they will find a way to stop it.
What made this match so epic is that , this wasn’t even a real game that would count on their records. It was supposed to be a friendly practice match against a strong team to help them improve.
AND THEY ACTUALLY DEFEATED THEM!!! Barely though, but it’s to be expected. Kuroko and Kagami were really lucky during their last play. To be honest, I didn’t think they’d actually defeat them, but man- the fact that they did made it ten times more sweeter, especially with Kuroko’s comeback.
AND HOLY SHIT MAN!!! THEIR REAL GAME IS GOING TO BE INSANE! INSANE I TELL YOU! I was so pumped up throughout this match, I’m really looking forward to the thrill of the real ones. They are going to be super exciting!
Oh my god, everything was beautiful and nothing hurts- it was… I can’t, too much awesomeness, excuse while I run around in circles cheering like an idiot! *SQUEA*


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