Hyouka Episodes 1 + 2 [First Impression]: It’s a Mystery~

This anime…I can’t stop thinking about it!



Oreki Houtarou is a high school boy who lives life by doing as little as possible – so when he gets asked by his sister to join the Classics Club, he is unimpressed when he meets an energetic girl named Chitanda Eru. Together, with his friend Fukube Satoshi they are presented with two mysteries straight off – one about their locked club door, and the other about a secret club called the Golden Web.

When Houtarou is pulled to the library by Eru to look for past club anthologies for this year’s festival, they run into Ibara Mayaka, who presents a mystery of a library book which has been borrowed and returned at the same time, for five weeks straight. After Houtarou manages to solve this mystery too, Eru realizes that he might be able to help her with a problem and calls him out to a cafe.


Originally, I wasn’t going to pick any more series up – but after both this and AKB0048 aired, I decided to take them both on. Yes, it’ll probably kill me somewhere down the line, but let’s burn that bridge when we get to it, shall we? Also, I can’t say no to that face ;_;

Our main character is Oreki Houtarou, a guy who is about as unconventional for main characters as it gets – he doesn’t want to get into energetic problems and situations. For that reason, his bored look and expressions all remind me of Haruhi’s Kyon, given that they’d both rather live out a quiet life rather than be dragged around by a lively girl that may or may not have a crush on him. I’m not objecting though – Houtarou x Eru all the way! I have a feeling that Houtarou isn’t solving mysteries just because it takes less energy than denying Eru, but also the fact that it’s Eru he’s denying. Everyone knows that if you make her sad, you’re a horrible person because she’s the cutest anime character that I’ve seen in quite a while – no, that everyone’s seen.

Satoshi on the other hand is all too willing to make Houtarou work, while eventual fourth member Mayaka probably had some bad blood with him in the past – I wouldn’t think I’m too far off by guessing that whatever she wanted was too much work for Houtarou to do.

In terms of the actual mysteries, it’s fairly safe to say that we’re dealing with low-class stuff compared to mysteries I hope the Kotenbu will take on in the future, but it’s nice to see that we’re still getting great setups and decent answers. The locked door one was pretty easy to guess (that someone had done it without knowing) but the secret club was a little tougher, and I actually had no idea about the answer to the borrowed library book until Eru said it smelt of paint. And even then I thought they were using the book as a foothold or something xDD

Next week it looks like we’re set to introduce the first real mystery; a problem that Eru has been having that needs a Holmes-level guy to solve it. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Eru came to the Classics Club to find someone smart – maybe the Kotenbu has a history of solving mysteries, leading Houtarou’s sister to force him to join?

  • Random Note: Did you know that all 5 of the K-ON club’s seiyuu are acting in this anime too? 
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