Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 4: Yuka at Full Speed


I’ll be covering for Eva this week.


Yuka has been running into her cousin and crush Takashi a lot recently – when she finds out that Takashi is actually interested in Saki, she accidently makes a wish on the rock by herself to be more like Saki, resulting in her and Saki trading places. Yuka quickly arranges a date with Takashi, and Saki, Natsumi and Rin tail her on the day, with Natsumi and Rin having somehow swapped bodies too.


Well…at least we know Yuka’s straight. There were loads of romantic episodes in anime this week but this one, with a simple setting and a simple situation was one that I sympathized with the most – imagine how hard it must be to find out that the person you’ve been in love with for so long actually ends up liking one of your best friends. Poor Yuka – good thing the friendly big rock was there to help out! On a side note we now know that the rock works with one person T_T So much for friendship and teamwork. What’s next, the rock working when no-one’s even there? Actually wait, please don’t do that, the “rules” are as messed up as it gets anyway.

Saki would be the kind of girl that would reject Takashi not just because she doesn’t like him, but also since she’s moving in a month and a relationship wouldn’t get anywhere. So I guess the rock managed to get Takashi a date with not-Saki, making Yuka happy at the same time. What we got were all the OOC faces of Saki being happy and Yuka being angry – wow, that’s quite scary when you think of it that way. Trust me, Saki won’t ever be pulling those kinds of faces again.

My only guess for Natsumi and Rin to switch as well would be to keep Saki and Yuka company respectively, since they’d probably side with the opposite of who they swapped with. Similar to with Saki and Yuka, I’ve never seen Rin look so uhh…animated, or Natsumi to look so bored xD Rin’s comment about Yuka’s wish being her wish was extremely loyal – Yuka really should be lucky to have such an accepting friend, especially someone that can read a situation right at that kiss scene and prevent things from getting too far.

Yuka knew it, Saki knew it – everyone knew apart from Takashi that Saki wasn’t really Saki. All the hand holding and adoring eyes were all for Saki instead of Yuka, and I guess it got to her in the end. There’s only so far you can impersonate someone, and if they kissed it would only feel empty for Yuka because Saki is the one that Takashi is kissing. It’s kinda bittersweet and very out of Natsuiro Kiseki’s genre, but definitely not an unwanted development. The rock’s objective this time was probably to make Yuka accept her situation, since everything reversed itself right after she reconciled with the others. So it was a happy ending for everyone apart from Takashi, who instead got a Saki-level rejection text. Looking out into the sunset, forever alone…

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