After Jimbei’s release of the slaves at the price of becoming a Shichibukai, Queen Otohime receives an unwelcomed visitor on Fishman Island, a Celestial Dragon whose ship is completely wrecked. Old slaves attempt to kill him, however Otohime blocks them, only to get backstabbed by the Celestial Dragon who tries to use her as a hostage. That plan fails, however, when Shirahoshi calls out the Sea Kings who randomly eat up a boat and leave cool beans. Vander Decken, seeing this, decides he will marry her in order to acquire her power.

Well that was random.

After saving the Tenryuubito’s life, Otohime gives him a ship so he can leave, and makes the decision to go up there with him in order to prove to everyone that the human world is a safe place.


…What the fuck just happened…?
&!$@&!##!@#??&#!!@$@#$!$@$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T GO OTOHIME, DON’T GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, that’s enough freaking out. Oh. My God. That cliffhanger was terribly shocking and I absolutely did NOT expect Queen Otohime to have that many guts. This woman is so incredible… But since in the present time the fishmen are still on the seafloor and Queen Otohime is now dead, I can imagine how next episode will turn out… I was half-crying already by the end of this.
I found it interesting to see Shirahoshi’s special power to call out to the Sea Kings as well as to discover Vander Decken’s true motives as to why he wants to marry her. I have to admit, I didn’t expect this whiny little crybaby to actually have a special power, I was pleasantly surprised to see that she can actually do something. Calling out to Sea Kings is REALLY cool.
In the end, this episode once more denoted the theme of racism and discrimination to its fullest. How is it ever going to be possible to attain tolerance when the humans don’t even try to understand them? How is it possible not to hate them? The Fishmen are right in this, however using violence will only create more violence in the end… Therefore is there anything that should be done after all? One this which struck me a lot was when people from the village were disgracing Jimbei who became a Shichibukai, when he is the one who made it possible for the slaves to live on the island.
Man oh man, this episode was intense! Seriously, next episode should almost bring the conclusion to these flashbacks, and although I can’t be sure, I think it’ll be a pretty flashy ending. See you next week~