Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 2: The Perfect Combo

I don’t know, they don’t seem to mind too much to me xD


Note: Taking over for Eva this week, her Carpal Tunnel’s gotten bad.


The summer holidays have started. Yuko and Rin are by the big rock when they simultaneously realize that Saki and Natsumi would be unstoppable if they were together. The blue waves are emitted again, and Saki and Natsumi find themselves supernaturally stuck together. When they go and look for answers, Yuko and Rin start running away from them and there is a mad chase throughout the town. Finally, Saki and Natsumi make up after accidentally falling into the sea, and apologize to each other.


So it seems that it doesn’t have to be the four of them wishing for the same thing – just two would have done the job apparently. Either way, it definitely proves that the big rock will have a bigger role to play than just something that ends up bringing the four closer together. It’s worked twice now, but we know hardly anything else about it, including any limitations or rules behind using it. I hope we don’t just get a story behind a wish the girls make every episode, but it seems to be doing fine in avoiding that particular trap, since we’re going into something unusually realistic next week – how some of Natsumi’s bro’s friends saw the four girls flying. Ouch…pretty hard to talk your way out of that I’d think.

Saki and Natsumi made up rather quick compared to when we first saw their conflict last episode, which hints that the story’s going to head in a deeper direction than just two friends making up after a fight. Which is a good thing of course. It’s funny how the rock split them apart right after they had made up and proved that they were unstoppable as a team, which was the condition that Yuka and Rin set in the first place xD

It was amusing how Saki and Natsumi managed to hold up a chase for so long even though they were literally stuck together, with some  near-flying leaps across rather conveniently placed metal bars around town. I wonder what would have happened if they went to the rock and wished to unstick themselves?

I’m glad what I said last time about Saki not being a bitchy character came true – she was more stubborn than Natsumi (and started the fight you could say) yet she was going to apologize to her nevertheless. It’s a bit sad that she’s going to have to move eventually, which I think is more likely to actually happen given that everything apart from the issues surrounding the rock is realistic. Overall it was an alright episode, though I’m still waiting for that Sunrise-esque moment when shit really goes down.

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