Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 2: this anime GIVES ME FEELS

I love this animu


I’m actually surprised the art style is exactly the same as it is in the manga. Like…exactly.

Basically, this anime is adorable. The whole point is this kid is in love and feeling awkward. You can totally tell this is how some people act. Naive kids just figuring out what it means to be in love…and horny. Really really horny. There’s even a scene where he touches part of his arm and thinks about boobies. I like this kid.

Well, Tsubaki wants to know what the first step you take in a relationship is. (disregarding that drool is kind of a weird stage) He’s adorkable when asking. He gets told holding hands, and so he asks Urabe if they can hold hands. She says no, so he asks again. This time, he gets the answer communication. It should be obvious, but to a kid it’s adorable he’s so confused what to do.

He asks Urabe her hobby and she says scissors….CUE AWESOME BADASS SCISSORS TIME. Urabe, YOU SO CUTE.

ironically this is one of the more tasteful panty shots i've ever seen

Tsubaki comments how awesome it is, wonders how she did it, and asks if it’s really ok to flash her panties like that. She says, I don’t mind as long as it’s you >__> omg. I love this animu. How can it be so awesome, adorable, thrilling, cutesy, AH, this is a great example of a shoujo with style.

Tsubaki asks his friend again, and his friend is dumb and says the greeting. Well that might not be why he’s dumb. He’s just kind of dumb. Anyway, his friend gives him some tickets to the movie and Tsubaki asks Urabe to go with him, but she can’t. He then kneels down in frustration and asks if they’re really dating, since they don’t do anything together. Urabe says they have the drool and then takes him to an old building and tells him to shut his eyes, and feeds him drool.

Oh yeah. She feeds him the drool while naked.

Oh so my life

My life

is made.

That’s all.

He keeps his eyes shut the whole time and he asks later what she would have done if he looked, not knowing she was naked. She says she’d have flipped out and god knows what would have happened.

Tsubaki has a sex dream about Urabe and the next day is shy about it. She tastes some of his spit and then…is adorable and implies she knows from his spit what he dreamed. ADORABLE

omg. I have to say the best part of the shoujo with style is knowing there are real issues involves, like SEX, and also it’s adorable and cute. Which this is. WATCH IT. BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME AND FOR EVERYONE.


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  1. dene323 says:

    “You can do whatever you want with me in your dream, but there is no way I would have a doll tied to my head…” rofl

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