Recorder to Randoseru Episode 17: Misunderstandings



Atsushi invites friends over, which Atsumi makes tons of food for. Unfortunately, she makes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much food for them, and so she decides to invite Sayo over so as not to leave too many leftovers, who sees Atsushi and thinks he is now “32 years old and unemployed” due to a misunderstanding.


DAMN! And here I thought this was finally THE moment where Sayo’s hopes and dreams would be crushed! She needs to learn that she’s a serious pedophile…
So…What was my opinion on this episode? Blehhh… I liked it when Sayo misunderstood everything about Atsushi again they have pretty original ways for her to do so, however I seriously thought she would finally learn that he’s Atsumi’s little brother when I heard she was coming over, so I was letdown a lot when she started thinking he was Take-Nii instead. Apart from that, well…


It seems like the character art for the main characters is always so pretty in this show! Honestly, Atsushi’s such a sweetheart, and Sayo was pretty damn cute also in this episode. There was one scene where I found that was lacking, but that was replaced by the fact that we finally could see the size difference between Atsumi and other elementary school students or the lack of it.
It's absolutely impossible to tell who's actually the oldest one in this...


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