Was there any purpose to this episode other than to be funny? Of course not, why would you expect something meaningful in Kore  wa Zombie desu ka !


I am never sure what to expect from this show, there is some kind of story, there are some epic moment, but the show is not so much about the story and is just a big set of random moment. It is annoying sometimes that there are no continuity between episode, the little continuity there is is but an excuse for the setting of the episode.

I really liked the Full Metal Panic! reference at the beginning of the show, if you haven’t seen that show already and you are into mecha and awesomeness, I highly recommend you watch it. As an added bonus the second season Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu is one of the funniest anime I’ve ever seen.  Now, let us go back on topic.

Today Ayumu had to defeat 5 girl in a tsundere contest. I really love tsundere usually, but the level of tsundere is so high in some of the show characters that I simply can’t appreciate them in a romance way. I cannot imagine Saras or Sera ever having some kind of romantic relationship with someone, their level of tsundere is over the top impossible to beat. Saras is the kind of girl who would rape their boyfriend with a strap-on while they are chained up to a metal bar and Sera doesn’t seem interest in the opposite gender at all so much she is a tsundere.


Orito was pointless from start to finish in the episode, he was just a comedy relief character in a comedy relief show, that is pretty low in term of usefulness.  I guess he did manage to defeat the final bonus round boss, but it was such an anticlimactic victory that it simply wasn’t that impressive or fun to watch.

I didn’t really enjoyed this episode all that much, I liked the randomness element, but overall, I am simply not satisfied. When I think of Kore wa Zombie desu ka, I think of male pantyshot, eccentric characters and the cute Eucliwood. I wish there was a little more cheesy combat and fantasy, but I guess not every episode are meant to make sense. I’ll have to do with the absolutely pointlessness of this episode and hope there will soon be an incredibly good episode to compensate. This show always have a tendency to be a real rollercoaster in term of episode enjoyment, sometimes the episodes kills me from awesomeness, other time they kill me from boredom, either way, by the end of the season I’ll be  dead and a zombie too.


ZeroG signing off