Zenkichi and Akune begin their match, and Akune quickly gains the advantage with 9 points out of a required 10, while Zenkichi hasn’t managed to get his required 1 point yet. Once Medaka encourages him, Zenkichi manages to win a point against Akune, and gets to stay in the Student Council. Because they can’t have a “prince” stronger than the new captain, Nekomi-senpai kicks Akune out of the judo club, and he goes to the student council, where he gets his first assignment – to help a senior write a love letter.


Somewhere in our hearts, we all had the hunch that Zenkichi would somehow win, but it looks like it took a kawaii Medaka pose to motivate him enough to get going, even on top of his determination to never give up and lose to this pansy-looking non-pansy. It couldn’t possibly have been that hard to get at least one point for Zenkichi, seeing how he’s pretty strong himself. Anything for the girl he likes.

Nekomi-senpai had no plans to make Akune the next judo club captain, and was going to kick him out since he was too strong anyways, so the only thing in it for her was whether she could take Zenkichi in return or not. Speaking of the two, I get this feeling that Zenkichi and Akune don’t hate each other as much as they think – I’m sure there’s that feeling of grudging respect somewhere in there. Very possibly. They’re certainly very uhh, unique with their choice of style though – jersey under jacket vs completely rolled up sleeves anyone?

Akune’s first jobs’ first attempt probably resulted in a very smug Zenkichi, whose first solo task didn’t get as much blasting from Medaka, since admittedly Medaka failed to do the task by herself as well (remember the huge dog guys?) As good as Akune’s love letter may or may not have been, I think it’s customary in high school anime to have a love letter written by the sender’s hand, even if it makes it painfully obvious who wrote it as a result. In this case, I doubt that guy would have realized who it was given that she’s so tomboyish and has apparently terrible handwriting, before she got reformed by Akune and his magic muscles of course.

There wasn’t much else other than Akune fangasm-ing over Medaka again as she praises him, since this was more of a closure episode to the setup from last week. Kikaijima and the swim club turn up next week though, and that’s a good thing – you can never have too much Kikaijima xD Or money, for that fact.