Tsuritama episode 3: Enoshima Bowl


I really like this show, the atmosphere is so serene and so innocent. The way the story unfold feels like I am in the midst of a happy dream.  I always feel relaxed after watching it, but why oh why must it be so ugly.


It is really ugly...seriously

I feel like I’m watching a show from the 80’s,  the show is so calm, innocent and relaxing that I wish it could have incredible visuals to go with it, because right now it really is ruining it a little for me. But I do understand that it is most likely not many people will watch this show in the first place, mostly because there are no boobs and the art isn’t pretty to begin with. I would even add that the soundtrack and opening isn’t terrible either. The only thing it has going for it is the characters, the story and the overall feel.



Although I might add that the story isn’t terrible either right now. Aliens that are followed by some kind of special duck operation, the aliens want to fish in order to save the world? It doesn’t seem to be the case when you actually watch the show, which obviously is what is intended, but I still have trouble with all this randomness going on in the background. On one hand the show tries to be serious and intelligent, while on the other you have this terrible story that looks like it came out of Kore wa Zombie desu ka? .


At the very least I have nothing wrong to say about the characters, they are all interesting and original, you have this feeling of character development in every episode and their combined social awkwardness is simply amazing to watch. But I’m afraid that it won’t be enough to convince most people to watch this show.

How can one explain this show to someone else anyway? It is an alien, a social awkward kid, a fishing expert and a weird Indian guy with a duck that fish to save the world. If you are one of the few still watching the show so far, I congratulate you, you are either crazy or you have some really niche taste in anime. I would actually go for a mix of both for myself.


The episode itself was really great, to see them get closer and better friends each day is really nice, especially with how tsundere they all are, they all have their little problem in life, some lost their mother, other have their last family member in the hospital and some other are aliens trying to save the world. I have seriously no idea how this show will turn out and where it is going, but I’ll be there until the end to see the results.


I wonder what the future will hold for our little trio, but I figure they will be four fishing together soon enough.


ZeroG signing off



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