ZETMAN Episode 4- Black, White, and Red

Some things never change.

Summary: Two years pass. Kouga is still training away, and hasn’t tried to become Alphas in public since the fire. Konoha and her mother are still doing their rounds to feed the homeless despite being told not to by the family, and they encounter Jin there. When Players with the power to “melt” people come to Jin’s turf, he takes the ZET gum and becomes the White ZET to defeat them.


I think they’re everything in their power to concentrate on the violence aspect of this show, rather and the sexual. ZETMAN is a seinen show, as I’ve said before, and it shows. The forgiving part about it is that the show isn’t particular episodic, despite the fighting in every episode.

We’re introduced to the Zet gum, in which Jin chews on in order to become Zetman I wonder if he can accidentally swallow it while fighting, lol. He chews it, be the only way that he becomes Zetman is when he’s in danger, and if the Player is “dead” in his eyes, he reverts back. This is particularly annoying because Jin is vulnerable at the end of the fight. He always seems to revert back at the worst time, and requires back-up from the Amagi Corp cronies that watch him for back up.

BRB, too excited, Jin is on screen.

And what’s with Seizou Amagi? He’s a total creeper…sorry that I had to put it that way. He’s overly excited about the development of Zetman, and it almost seems like he doesn’t care that Jin is inside. Which is most likely true, considering the way he treats his other family members.  As soon as shit happens to Jin on the camera, he shows up without the people calling him…WAY. TOO. INTERESTED. IN. JIN. I never really paid attention to the grandfather, despite him being a major character in the battle against the Players, but he’s being too interested. It is, after all, his life’s work.

Kouga: needs more screen time.

Gah, Kouga. I keep coming back to him because of the sheer frustration I feel at/for him. On one hand, he’s human, so he doesn’t have a handy-dandy other form to change into to fight crime, but must he invest all his energy into training his muscles. Train your brain, man! Batman beats Superman everytime for this reason. BRAINS. YOU NEED THEM.

What’s with the new girl? Apparently, more hostage fodder…

This has been a very character heavy post, so I’ll talk about the fighting. There’s a clear indication in the improvement in the fighting that Jin can do. Though, he is still asking for 10,000 yen for his work, which is still rather cute for a man(?) his age. He’s developed a lot more mentally than Kouga, and the lone wolf attitude keeps people away…they’re more in danger around him, than anyone else.

The Slayers finally show up, eh? Haha. Late, much. :T

Onto next week! MORE KOUGA, PLEASE.

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