Uchuu Kyoudai Ep 3: Series of Physical Examinations

Mutta and the other applicants undergo a series of test during the second trial.

I wouldn’t say this episode was dull, but there isn’t really much to talk about. Literally, this episode was examinations and mostly narrations from Mutta, sharing his thoughts and everything. So expect this to be short and sweet.
Mutta managed to make Serika’s headline of the day, hahahaha. I find it cute because he was commenting on how he’s always second place. I also found it adorable when Serika caught Mutta trying to see his reflection in the spacesuit and then later to have Mutta catch Serika doing the same thing.
Seirka is an interesting woman. She has a huge appetite, excellent stamina and lungs capacity, and she clearly loves  broccoli (why else would she make a tree out of it!). While Mutta clearly has a small crush on her, right now it feels one-sided as the reason why she was in awe after catching him by the spacesuit was because her father did the exact same thing when she was a child during JAXA’s openhouse.
Finally, I don’t particularly like Yamato, it feels like he’s incredibly smug and full of himself. His tall buddy beside him doesn’t look too different, at least personality-wise.


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