Accel World Episode 8: Violent Loli Incoming!

It’s like a cross between Korezom’s Kyouko and Accelerator from Index. That’s truly some scary shit.



Haruyuki comes home one day to be greeted by a young girl he’s never seen before, who claims to be his second cousin. In the bath, after searching around his family photos and noticing the tan lines on her neck, he comes to the conclusion that she’s in fact a Burst Linker. In a sudden change of personality, she turns nasty and introduces herself as Scarlet Rain, whom Kuroyukihime identifies as the 2nd Red King. Taking revenge on Haruyuki for feeling her up, she challenges him to a battle and outsmarts him with her giant fortress, easily winning and presenting him with a request – to introduce her in person to Black Lotus.

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Well…whatever I expected from the loli bath scene, I didn’t expect THAT. I mean, I knew she was a Burst Linker, but I thought she was a totally harmless Burst Linker that didn’t have any anti-fortress Noble Phantasms weapons – oh wait, she IS the fortress. You always get a shock (albeit to various degrees) when a yandere is introduced, but somewhere inside I did wish Scarlet Rain was just your average imouto with perfectly innocent intentions. If I’m going to nitpick about her methods, she could have easily spiked onii-chan’s cookies, but that would have totally taken the fun out of watching Haruyuki squirm. On the other hand though, those awesome twisted faces are giving my loyalty to Kuroyukihime a good run for its money – oh, I approve. I approve so much.

Leave it to Haruyuki to get his first fight with a Lv 9 King through feeling her up in a bath and having her shoot her homing missiles at you in a revenge-induced rage. I wonder whether that “Immobile Fortress” was built up gradually as she levelled up, or if it was there right from the very start – either way, it’s gonna remain OP until someone mentions its weakness. Speaking of level up bonuses, what did Haru choose? He’s Lv 4 now, but somehow still looks the same as ever with just close combat moves. Well, maybe we just didn’t get to see them since he was steamrolled that quickly. Simulated gun torture didn’t pay off much in the end, huh?

I actually have no idea what Scarlet Rain wants with Kuroyukihime, though at least I don’t think it’s a fight, or revenge in particular. Maybe it’s something to do with the monster thing shown right at the very end. Obviously, the greatest risk to a Burst Linker is to have their real identity revealed, and this applies even more for KYH, who is the Black King. It seems she has some past with the 1st Red King that Haruyuki’s unintentionally dug up – perhaps something to do with a former friendship since she did show regret in killing him (or her?) and uninstalling their Brain Burst. It just goes to show how much we still don’t know about Kuroyukihime despite her being one of the series’ main characters, least of all her real name.

I’m sure that’s why they compensated us by showing us the inside of her expensive-looking bathroom.

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