Tsuritama episode 7: The scary scary sea


Well, this episode wasn’t much fun was it. I don’t know what to think about this show anymore, I was expecting and hoping that the more serious atmosphere of the show would take over, but as of right now, it seems that it is just a little depressing slice of life show. I was expecting some deeper thoughts and resolution to appear over time, but it seems that it remains focused on small day-to-day simple problem in life. There was no real huge drama, everything we see happening could happen in the life of any one of us, it is things that might be hard to overcome sometimes, but they are nothing out of the ordinary in general, well, except for the whole alien thing.

The episode was not bad, it raised an interesting problem with one of the character in the show, but in the end, it is the overall show that is starting to fail me. I feel like the awesomeness I was expecting of the show is slowly fading away, what I believed to be deeper meanings might in fact just be me overanalyzing things. It might just be simply an ugly, random, child show. But I will still cross my finger that this won’t be the case.

After the incident of last episode Haru is a lot less motivated to accomplish the task he was supposed to do. I’m not really sure why fishing was is objective to begin with, since it seems that the only thing he needs to do is defeat that weird floating triangle. A triangle that makes people dance and sing and lose their memories? that sounds nice. I have no clue what is going on with that story, but I know that the duck-team are on it, so I feel completely safe. There will be some kind of dragon showing up soon enough, I have no doubt that Tropica and the other duck squad will be able to defeat it without any problem, after all, they are armed with turbans and feathers, how could they not be up to the challenge.

It is kind of cool that they are still fishing and enjoying themselves, but in the end the story is going in a place I’m not sure I like much. I wouldn’t be surprised if the story turned out to be as shitty as the artwork. I guess we’ll find out soon enough if this is to be a great show that no one saw, or a terrible show that everyone except me was wise enough not to watch.

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