Usually people try Diplomacy BEFORE going to war, but I guess Aliens have a different philosophy about that.


This episode sure brought us an interesting turn of event. I was not expecting for the high commander to show up this early into the show, but at the same time, it is the first time that NEO-DEVA fails to defeat their opponent, it is kind of a good thing that they fail to win their battle once in a while, the kids were getting a little too cocky.

Their father really is an asshole

First of, let me say this, I absolutely hate the new ending of the show, It makes me want to strangle a little girl after stealing her candy…no even better, I want to choke her to death with her own candy ! I simply hate the voice and from there it is hard to like anything else about it. Not that I like the lyric much more.


If you don't stop crying I'll take your girlfriend to another planet ! You are warned!

But let us go back to the ridiculous love triangle that is this show. It seems like no matter how you look at it, there is no good option here, Mikono is destined to marry a wolf, Zessica will most likely kill herself in a mission because of her self-destructive behavior and Amata is just a loser that everyone love but who is destined to be the son of someone important that will never find happiness. At the very least, this is how I see this love triangle. At least I could comfort myself that, while their relation was awkward, Mix and Andy could form the happy couple of the show, but no, Mix had to be tazed and kidnapped by alien that will gang-rape her until they have many new baby on their planet. I mean, they are hoping to repopulate their entire world with a single girl, Mix is not going to have such a good time.

I had no point to make with this picture

But now that Mix is out of the picture, maybe Andy will grow some balls and will stop running to the depth of the earth in order to save his princess, that is what boys do after all. I have a feeling that, since we are slowly approaching the finale of the show, we will see a lot of character disappear from now on.  Things can’t always go well after, we need to have some more drama in this romance show. Because simply to have a love triangle where everyone love each other but can’t be together is not enough drama. The show is cheesy, it always has been and always will be, the story is cheesy, the romance is cheesy and the mecha combat is cheesy. So unfortunately while I personaly dream for every character to die a painful death and to die saving their planet, I’m afraid that the most likely ending here will be that both planet will be saved somehow and everyone will have a big orgy together to celebrate.

Mom? What are you doing in the sky? It isn't even close to the kitchen

ZeroG signing off