Atsumi and her family are at the bath and they all seem to enjoy themselves. Atsumi enjoys herself a little bit too much too I would dare to say. She had the audacity to enter the men’s bath and uses her younger innocent brother to peak on the guys. She sure is a creative pervert. On a more serious note, The episode was quite hilarious. Atsushi is so tall that even his parents looks like child next to him, that must have been so painful at birth, I can’t even imagine.

She should definitively watch her hand

At the very least it is quite the interesting change to see Atsumi in sexual trouble instead of Atsushi, since she is at the very least aware that she is doing wrong, while Atsushi most likely don’t even know the meaning of Pedophile even if he was accused to be one a billionth time before. It was really nice to see Atsumi uses her height to her advantage not to be labeled a pervert when entering the man’s bath. Even if, to be honest, I doubt that it ever happened that men’s screamed about a girl entering the wrong bath, even in that case it usually ends up that the girl is screaming even if it was her mistake. It makes sense after all, since the men are not the one who might be rape…


I think I completely missed the point of the episode with this blog, but isn’t that why it is so interesting after all? No? well too bad !


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