I had no idea that Sera was that important in that household, I figured she was just a complete disaster in every household activities after I saw her talent in cooking. But it seems that instead everything turns to hell when she is not around.


Ayumu sure has some unique sexual deviation

The episode was a big pile of what the fuck and hilarious moment, exactly what Kore wa Zombie desu ka? is all about. But there was still a fair share of cuteness in it, just how adorable was it when Eu was asking to sleep with Ayumu ! I don’t know if it is because she is acting like a mute, or because when she does speak her voice is absolutely adorable, but Eu has such a cute charm around her, I just want to hug her and protect her from all the bad person in the world, but then I remember that she is already one of the  strongest there is to begin with.


What the fuck am I watching?

Now the interesting part of the episode, All the Vampire Ninja were naked in the bath ! wooohooo boobies ! No I’m actually lying, we didn’t see a thing, but if you have good imagination, it was an interesting scene. BUT, if you pay close attention to that scene, you might have noticed that there was some kind of plot development going on while everyone was swimming naked in the bath. You didn’t notice? Good, because me neither!


If you are reading this, you most likely know the plot of the story

Ayumu might be a pervert, but even when he has the best intention he is always seen as a perverted beast. This is so sad for him, people have such a negative imagine of him that even when he tries to do good no one is able to trust him. No wonder he acts even more perverted later on, if everyone see someone one way, even if they are misunderstanding things, after a while the person will start to believe that they really are just like how everyone describe them. Therefore, if Ayumu his always repeated that he is a pervert, well at some point in the future he will think he really is a huge pervert and he will become one and he will prove everyone right.


Ayumu has a hidden talent in wall painting

On another matter, Anderson is still a new character, we know that he is from the underworld, but right now he looks more like a sparkly fairy than a demon to me.  At the very least he is a good trickster, he really screwed with Ayumu  with his medical advice, but to see Ayumu dance in underwear while yodeling was simply priceless. Ayumu might be horrible at yodeling, but he sure knows how to dance, it was quite the entertaining scene.

I wonder if something epic is about to happen in the show, we are just about reaching that point in the season after all, I guess we will see soon enough.


ZeroG signing off