Medaka Box Episode 5: Sink or Swim



The Student Council realize they have a budget problem due to having no Treasurer, and decides to hold a competition in the rarely used swimming pool to decide which club will get extra funds. Boys are to be handicapped by giving them floats, with the first game being a water based version of ball-basket, in which clubs have to get 20 balls from the bottom of the pool and throw them into the corresponding basket.


It’s Kikaijima everyone!

Anyway, I’m glad we’ve gotten out of the rinse-and-repeat that is continuous requests from the Medaka Box, but you could say that this entire event only came about from that request submitted in the box, so in that sense we’ve gotten nowhere. Either way, as a result we now have an Aquatic Meet event in the pool (which is ridiculously deep for a pool, more like shallow sea actually) which is dominated by – not surprisingly, the Swim Club.

Regardless of how fair the Student Council decided to make it, the Swim Club would undoubtedly still have some sort of advantage due to them being most familiar with the pool and having trained in that sort of environment. To put it another way – to be good at playing waterpolo, you have to be a strong swimmer. Other sports-based clubs like Nekomi-senpai’s judo club or the track team will have a stamina advantage too, and so they’ll be the ones most likely to have an edge. Clubs like…I dunno, the cooking club or the UFO club really won’t get very far.

Then we add on the Swim Club’s motivation and drive for money, which is borderline obsessive for them, risking their lives to do well in the competition. I’m sure they knew what they were doing when they used their method in getting the balls, given their reputation and ability in swimming. I’m also guessing there’s some kind of backstory as to why they love money so much to the point that they want a pool full of it, which would actually be quite cool xD Literal swimming in cash at least.

I love how Akune and Zenkichi are now subtly better friends then they were before, and it seems that it’s Medaka yet again that’s brought about change. As for her method of scoring 20 points in one attempt, what can I say? I bet it’s not even unnatural for her to do stuff like that, though I’m quite interested in finding out how she managed to sink to the bottom with such huge boobs o.O Medaka being who she is (i.e. perfect) I’m sure she’ll be able to give the rest of the Student Council an edge (i.e. not have to do anything) but somehow, I have this feeling that she’ll end up giving away her private money to more than one club, since that’s just the kind of person she is xD

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