Aquarion Evol episode 20: When X becomes Y



I understand Andy’s pain so much. How terrible must it be to discover that the women you love, the one who fills the holes in your life, the person that you wish to share your world with…turns out to be a man. While I wouldn’t be as shocked as Andy that she is flat, I would most likely be extremely shocked that she has a penis, I can deal with the former, but I can’t with the later.

I’m not sure I really liked this episode, I was expecting an episode were everything would be made clear and all the secrets would be revealed, but in the end it only confirmed everything we already knew. FUDO IS OVER 12,000 YEARS OLD? Nothing new there. MIX IS NOW A BOY? Already called it last episode. ZESSICA AND YUNOHA ARE TURNING INTO BOYS TOO? We saw that last episode already. IZUMO IS AMATA’S FATHER? while it has not officially been said just yet, we knew it was the case a couple of episode back already.

In the end, the episode brought us nothing, the show is so cheesy and predictable that there is no need to explain everything so much, we knew what was going on already, it only feels like they are insulting us by making it any clearer. But at the very least we had a great occasion to see Shrade in action and see his awesomeness in a fight. It is so sad that he will die before the end of the show, because he truly was the only character from the pilot that I had a minimum of respect for. I guess that when people have a shorter life span they know how to live it to the fullest better.

Now I’m just wondering if the two girls that escaped will revert back to normal or if they will stay half-man, half-women monstrosities. I could care less if Yunoha became a boy, she lost her purpose since Jin died, but Zessica is awesome and show off a lot of skin, so I don’t want her to become a show-off boy instead. I’d much rather stick with a half-naked virtual girl than a half-naked virtual boy.  Because society told me watching half-naked boys is not something I should do.

What will happen in the next few episode? How will this story be resolved? Obviously the legendary Aquarion will be back soon enough, but who will be left alive and who will die? I somehow predict a happy ending, or at the very least somewhat happy. Would having Altair saved be a happy ending? I guess it would, even if I could care less if that planet dies out, there are so few characters left on that planet that it wouldn’t be a great loss anyway.

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