It’s the second day of the cultural festival, and rumours about a monster named Akahito-san are spreading, with thirteen sightings of him so far. While in reality, the rumours were tossed up by a bullied girl coincidentally named Yuuko, the students begin to call for a sacrifice, and as they can’t find the ghost Yuuko-san, they look to the person who claims she’ll protect them – the other Yuuko.


Other than Yuuko of course, I’m beginning to think that there aren’t actually any other supernatural creatures around at Seikyou Academy, since everything seems to just be a rumour that’s gotten out of control, or some other hyped up incident that is soon proved false. Then again, Kirie’s monster (who makes an eerie appearance yet again on top of the bell tower) could very well be one too, though it seems they’re not letting us know anything about that just yet.

This time, our ghost-mystery was centred around Akahito-san, which is apparently some monster that no one has conveniently ever heard of before. Other than it blatantly not being true, it was made up by a girl named Kirishima Yuuko – I actually jumped when they revealed her name, it was just too eerie. For the students, they end up prejudicing against her from just a mere ghost story, meaning she gets picked on and to an extent, bullied. I kinda get where this Yuuko is coming from by wanting to exact revenge on the ghost Yuuko, but it still sort of fascinates me to see how hyped up people can get from just a rumour. Actually, no, seeing Momoe makes it much more believable. At least blonde Yuuko got her closure in the end, and possibly might be able to see Yuuko-san now too.

I hate mob psychology, I’ve always been against it because the kinds of things that people do while under its influence are just random. I felt like I was watching something out of Another when all the students literally went crazy, tied blonde Yuuko up to a chair and ripped her top in half, all the time chanting about how she’s being sacrificed for the greater good. You could argue that she got what was coming to her since it was her that set up the rumour, but still, being tied to appease some imaginary monster is going too far. I think one of them was about to stab her as well, before Yuuko-san showed up.

Next week, it might be too much to hope for but some plot would be nice, though we’ve veered slowly towards it this ep as well. Oh, who am I kidding – we’re all in this for Yuuko aren’t we. Yuuko-san, that is.