You know you have a bad day when the girl whom you love is in love with a guy that acts like a dog. You know that day is even shittier when that guy turns out to be you. I always thought that this show was so cheesy and predictable, but I never saw that one coming, I am impressed.

I always knew there was some kind of deeper connection between those two, maybe they were brothers? maybe they were just reincarnation of legends both of them? In my long list of possibilities, there wasn’t one where it would mean that they were both the same person. To be honest I’m still really not sure I’m understand where this comes from all the sudden. I know that Altair and Earth are just two side of the same thing, but they are the same person? I simply don’t understand.

But now, let’s forget about personalities issue and let us go back to the episode at hand. First, I’m really glad that Zessica is not a guy, I would have been a bit sad if she had growth a pair of balls. She is my favorite female character on the show after all, she is the only female that seem to have some kind of self-esteem, even if that confidence of her had disappeared a little since the guy she loves is unavailable. Irregardless, I like the girl. Of course now things are a little more complicated for her, since the whole “get slaughtered to pieces” incident. But I’m not afraid, she had so kind of weird contract with Mikage and I’m sure she’s not dead just yet, the love triangle can’t end just yet, after all it is what the show is all about. If both the love triangle around Amata and Mikono ends at the same time things would simply be way too boring from now on.

So I do believe Zessica is still alive and kicking, but I’m not sure what she will be used for in the future, what I do know is that now the supreme powerful golden Aquarion will soon be awaken. The show is getting closer to the end and I wonder how everything will be solved. Will Zessica have some kind of good ending? or will she stay a loser until the end? Will Mixy return to being called Mix? Speaking of which, what will happen to Andy?

Andy asked himself a very good question, will he still be able to love Mix like he used to know that she is a guy? Just think about it for a moment, the person you love sex suddenly change one day. How do you react to that? (unless you are bi, in that case you are too awesome to have problem like those). I don’t even want to think about a situation like that, yes I would still love that person, she would mentally be the same, but how long can the real love last in those condition? It is horrible just to think about it. Poor, poor Andy.

ZeroG signing off