One Piece episode 548: King Hody


I hate Hody so much, but I guess this is why he is such a great villain for the show, he does his job perfectly. He has his own reason to hate human so much, he did not see what the rest of the sun pirate saw when Tiger died, he comes from a poor and racist neighbourhood, the guy doesn’t know any better than to hate on someone for all the trouble he had in his life.

I perfectly understand why it would be a bad idea if Luffy was to fight Hody and I understand how it would ruin the ideals of Fishmen island…BUT I want to see Luffy fight! It has been so long since we saw him fight for the last time, I want to see just how powerful he’s become, he doesn’t have a 400 million bounty on him for nothing after all. I guess I can’t really complain, we’ll see Luffy fight again next episode after all, and his opponent will be even stronger than Hody anyway. Luffy against Jimbei, who would have seen it coming?  The two friends will fight just to see who’s the most stubborn between the two. If we go by Bounty alone, Jimbei’s bounty never had a chance to reach anything high enough to compare to Luffy’s before he was asked to join the Shichibukai. We know Jimbei was a badass and most likely just as strong or stronger than Luffy back in the battle for Marineford, but now it is two years later and Luffy is incredibly strong, so strong in fact that I wonder if there is still any Shichibukai left that could hold his own against him.

I was really eager to see how Brook had improved as a member of the Straw Hat crew, but as it turns out, it seems as though that guy is absolutely brainless. Except that he is brainless since he is dead SKULLJOKE!!! It was really nice to see that Brook not only wasted a chance to save everyone, but managed to make their situation even worse. I used to love you Brook, I used to think you were awesome and that you could fight one things are getting tough, but now I am sorely disappointed in your performance. Even Chopper rarely fail that much and he is a baby reindeer. Zoro better not end up badly hurt again because of you Brook or I will be really sad and I will cry in a corner for a little while.

Overall not much happened this episode just yet, but shit is about to go down in the very next episode, I don’t care if the fight between Jimbei and Luffy is meaningless, it will be awesome and that is all that matters in my book.

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