Jormungand episode 7: Mountain Hiking and Butterfly



The music before the opening was awesome this episode ! The way the preview from last episode and the African-like music played were mixed together made it feel so much more epic. It helped me get in the mood of the intense action to come way faster than I usually do. It was supposed to make us warm up for the action and it did so really well, I am impressed.

Dr.Miami might be a genius with robots, but she doesn’t seem to understand the simplest thing about life, or at the very least, she acts like she doesn’t. She runs away in the mountain to avoid becoming a cog in the machine of war,  she tries to ignore the fighting that is going on near her, but in the end, she cannot escape the fate that her ingenuity brought to her.

Velmet was spectacular this episode, we already knew she was good, but it was made even clearer when she had to so easily rush to  melee fight against what will become her nemesis from now on. She never showed any sign of her pain and she kept fighting dodging bullet like Neo. I’m a little confused how she manage to run across that field where bullets where flying everywhere without getting hit a single time, I think she might be a wizard of some sort.

Scarecrow was a little useless this episode, the guy might be a bitch sometimes, but this time he was Koko’s bitch from start to finish. I kind of like Chocolate better than Scarecrow though, scarecrow is a little too Americanized a character, he is rude, savage and has no respect for other and always get mad easily. At the very least Chocolate is not raging every 5 seconds and she also happens to be a girl, which single-handedly increase my opinion of her. I’m quite sure we’ll see a lot more of those two in the near future.

An interesting thing we kind of learned this episode was Koko’s dream. Her objective. Dr.Miami talked about it briefly, not revealing anything important but just enough for us to guess what kind of dream it might  be. It seems she wishes for some kind of peace, peace brought by guns, but peace nonetheless. I don’t know if it is some kind of total war, a revolution, or simply the dream that if everyone who wish to kill are dead, the people who wants to live will be free. I have no idea just yet what kind of dream it might be, but it proves interesting and I want to learn more about the inner person that lies in Koko’s heart.

Overall this was an exciting and great episode, even though I admit I have some trouble with the matrix level fighting, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I’m looking forward to see what kind of chaos will appear in England.


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