The girls are preparing for a festival singing competition which they entered in as a group, but Yuka isn’t practising faithfully and instead is more interested in watching Four Season videos. On the day of the festival, rain threatens the cancellation of the competition, and so the four girls rush to the big rock, intent on wishing the rain away.


I’ve probably said this before, but Yuka never fails to make things interesting – I don’t know whether it’s supposed to be annoying, amusing or a combination of the two, but the chances of Yuka being the culprit behind the problem are nearly 100%. Well, it used to be 100%, then we had the rain come along this episode, which nearly ruined the chances of the girls participating in their competition.

I’m not sure what the chances are of Rin’s mother knowing about the rock and its properties (the rock’s kinda behind their house after all) but it served its purpose of giving me a good shock when she randomly turned up and proposed to wish the rain away…ahh, all that unexploited possible drama xD The fact that they ended up using weather dolls wasn’t too surprising, given that everything the rock’s done has been temporary, meaning that if they wished away the weather (wow, how god-like) it’d just come to rain again another day. I’m sure we all thought they used the rock anyway, since that misleading ethereal glow around Yuka and Rin certainly suggested so.

Mmm, Saki…we were definitely treated to lots of Saki fanservice this time, from glimpses of her in her bra to dere reactions when Natsumi mentions she’s more sexy than cute. And I agree, by the way. Leave being cute to Rin and her whales. Natsumi x Saki is so much better when they’re not bitching at each other – it’s pretty much canon-in-denial they way I’m seeing it. Oh Yuka x Rin isn’t too far out of the park either, no matter how straight Yuka might claim to be. urges on subtle yuri vibes

Again, similar to the previous episode we’re getting more shots of the four girls, doing things that they’ve always wanted to do together and achieving their various dreams like singing on stage together. How I wish it could stay that way…