Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna (ep 1 / first impression) boobies…my god

Lupin the Third, the newest installation anyway. And this takes place chronology as the first. As someone who likes Fujiko, this series was a must see for me….and boy is it fun.

Wow. This is really hard to define in the way a normal anime would be. First off, Lupin is already so well established that nothing this series could do would make it lose popularity, it would just make the series unpopular. So let me proudly say that I really enjoyed this. First off, if you are scared of boobies well….go away. This review will have BOOBIES everywhere from here on out, and I am not ashamed to say I have always been attracted to Fujiko, who is definitely a super fine woman.

In their normal routine, Fujiko and Lupin have both set plans to steal a well established treasure. As usual, their plans interfere with one anothers. The story starts with a very famous cult that has decided to waste their lives away and enjoy the ecstasy of a special ‘power’ their leader has. Fujiko has set about this plan by deciding to fake a marriage to the leader and then steal the key as they celebrate their marriage. Unfortunately, Lupin ruins this plan, and it leads to the two of them being captured, but not before Lupin asks her is she might be a super fine woman!!!

Lupin and Fujiko are going to be executed, and Fujiko and Lupin both reveal their plans to one another about stealing the treasure, the sacred ‘ash’ that the leader covers himself in in order to seem holy and spread the light headed pleasure to his followers. At the end of it, Fujiko undresses and offers herself to Lupin in exchange for half of the treasure…only to fuck him over and then proceed to seduce the guard…hehe…boobies

The next day the execution occurs…and what do you know. The guard Fujiko seduced was in her place, and Lupin was replaced with a stuffed Lupin. Ain’t that a killer? XD Fujiko was watching and is suddenly approached by an apparent ghost of Lupin, who is just Lupin of course. The race for the treasure commences as the two of them are outed as still being alive.

Fujiko pulls her famous desguised sexy girl trick and uses her own ash to put everyone to sleep, proving that the cult leader is immune to such things. She pulls a gun on him and demands he open the gate to the sacred hall.

He leads her to the hall, and of course it’s a trap set for her. But she’s a badass and manages to outmaneuver his men, only to be brought into the secret room Lupin happens to be in. He explains more about the drug and proclaims the cult but be pretty carefree to praise the drug itself, and has pretty much seemed to win. Fujiko pulls a gun and puts her lipstick in it, and shoots at him. He declares a fine woman wouldn’t struggle so much, but after the lipstick hits him she grabs the gun with real bullets and declares, “Weren’t you the one who said I was…

A Super Fine Woman!

He manages to shoot the gun out of her hand and jump on her, which ends in him catching her…rather awkwardly. The chase then begins to escape and shooting, boobs, and funtimes commence as Zenigata (who seems to be a lot more serious in this incarnation) appears!

Fujiko and Lupin fuck each other over successfully and the treasure ends up melting in the ocean, and Lupin tells all the cultists to jump in. Everyone escapes, and as Fujiko is driving away on a motorcycle later she notices that on her upper thigh, Lupin III has declared he’ll be taking Fujiko Mine.

And the fanboys (and I) rejoiced.

Wow, let me start by saying I love this weird art style they’re doing for it. In today’s world just simply animating in Lupins art style wouldn’t be as cool as this look, which is really cool. I really like that now Fujiko is a main character and not just a foil for Lupin, so the series finally capitalizes on her as someone interesting. I think she’s always been cool, but now other than just being a foil she is now someone interesting. We’re seeing it from an equal POV from both Lupin and Fujiko, I like it a lot. I also just like the phrase a Super Fine Woman, and how it came full circle in this episode. If this is how the series continues…yeah, I’ll definitely be keeping up on it, even though I’m a little late to the party.

Now on that note…boobies! Boobies for everyone!!!


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