Medaka Box Episode 6: Overflowing Love



The Swim Meet continues, with the second battle being a three-legged race for one length of the pool. The track team and Student Council finish 2nd and 3rd respectively, with the swim team finishing 1st due to having swum the entire length in sync. Shiranui announces the final battle to be a cavalry battle in the pool, specifically set up to pit the Student Council against the swim team; Medaka’s ideals clashing with Kikaijima’s.


First of all, regarding the controversy over how long this adaptation will be – it may just be wishful thinking, but I still have hope that we’ll get more than 12 episodes. MAL have gotten things wrong before, and from Zenkichi’s narration at the start, they may be hinting at something by showing us silhouettes of Class 13’s Thirteen Party. Naze Youka or Koga Itami anyone?

So we had the final few stages of the Swim Meet today, which I still think is heavily stacked towards the swim team, purely because of the off the scale advantage they have in the pool compared to anyone else, even Medaka. It’s amazing how Yakushima and Tanegashima are somehow able to do a three-legged butterfly stroke for the entire length without tiring, and they ended up looking more like flying fish rather than people xD They were even in complete sync with each other, unlike Zenkichi and Akune’s re-ignited competitive streak. So much for teamwork I guess…

I don’t think the third battle of the eel catching was needed to guarantee the Student Council’s lack of a lead, since the swim team managed to easily surpass them without many problems. Which, of course, made the final battle of Medaka vs Kikaijima all the more interesting. I can kinda sympathize with the swim team now about their love of money, since it wasn’t really brought about by selfishness or anything like that, but rather something which they’ve decided to base their ideals on from bad experiences. Even so, that kind of reckless regard for life is pretty stupid, especially when you think that if you die for money, there won’t be anyone to use the money you died for o.O Time for some Medaka reforming!

Why am I not surprised that Nekomi-senpai would be so sly as to take everyone’s headbands whilst all the drama was going on. So much for a fair competition then xD At least three people were reformed that day, if only slightly – and of course, the Student Council now has a Treasurer to help them be cheap handle their money, which turns out to be – yup, Kikaijima, on loan for 320 yen per day. Typical. xD

  • Knowing Medaka and her…methods, I don’t think I have the heart to comment on any yuri vibes. It’s just the way she is xD

0 thoughts on “Medaka Box Episode 6: Overflowing Love

  1. Medaka!
    I’m not sure when it happened but I am starting to love this show so much XD
    I wonder who else is gonna be joining the Student Council O.o

    1. The manga is on a whole new level, it’s truly awesome.

      And for the last vice-president spot, it won’t be filled for quite some time, but it’ll be worth it xD

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