“It’s not justice if you don’t go overboard.”


Medaka heads to the music room to solve a complaint about the school orchestra being too loud while the other members deal with other suggestion box requests. Accompained by Onigase and Shiranui, she finds that the situation has already been dealt with by DisCom chairman Unzen Myouri, an abnormal known as the  “Monster Child”. Unzen declares his desire to fight against the Student Council and has sent 3 people to deal with Zenkichi, Akune and Kikaijima, and Medaka only has 3 minutes remaining to save them.

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All along we’ve had people that stand up to Medaka and oppose the general “good force” in the show, or generally just people who are opposing whoever the submission box request is from, like Isahaya-senpai, the kendo club people or even arguably the swim team. But now there’s actually a proper antagonist, and from the tangent the show’s been going on so far there isn’t anyone more appropriate than a guy like Unzen. I mean, just look at him.

They’ve also slightly touched on Class 13, though if we’re going to end at 12 episodes I don’t really see the point. Basically, as they hinted, they’re a bunch of people with abnormal powers like Unzen or Medaka that hardly ever come to school, which was why the orchestra guy thought that Unzen couldn’t possibly be a 13. The kind of aura Unzen radiated literally screamed danger to the rest of them, and I felt really sorry for the orchestra leader when he touched him and asked if someone could give him some candy…ouch, there goes his arm.

I think the weirdest thing about Unzen isn’t his age, or even his dodgy interest in boobies at that age (LOL Shiranui’s air oppai) but that he thinks it’s all clearly justified as being justice, and that what he’s doing is in the name of justice. He actually thinks that everything he does is a proper punishment for people that break school rules, as unusual as this school is. I mean, why does it seem like no-one has any classes? Anyway, he wasn’t willing to hurt Shiranui since she apparently didn’t break any rules, which means the easiest way for Medaka to beat him would be to wear her uniform without showing any cleavage, which isn’t happening any time soon. Though she did get quite pissed at hearing about the people Unzen dispatched to deal with her other members.

For Zenkichi, Akune and Kikaijima, it was probably the first time we’ve seen them in actual potential danger (they are just fairly normal humans, after all) but it turned out to be more funny than tense. Count on Medaka to save the day with Kurokami Climb and Kurokami…whatever the other one was, as well as the students going “oh, that’s normal for the prez”. Since it’s her we’re talking about, I can easily agree that riding a flying bicycle with claws and spikes is absolutely normal.