Hey, wait! Come back! I said I wanted two Saki’s, not Natsumi’s!



Faced with her upcoming doubles tennis match, Natsumi struggles to cope with the things she has to do every day. Yuka proposes to Rin and Saki that they should help Natsumi out by wishing on the rock, and the rock responds, making a clone of Natsumi who has identical thought processes to the original. The two Natsumi’s go about their daily lives until the day of the tennis match, when Saki has told one Natsumi something that the other needs to know.


Oh, Yuka…you just had to go and wish for something absurd didn’t you. It’s getting typical at this point that Yuka is the one behind all the gimmicks the rock manages to conjure up for them, though I’m surprised that it can do something as advanced as making a solid double of Natsumi. As always, it disappeared eventually in the end, though I can’t help but wonder why no-one made that much of a fuss when an entire body vanished into thin air, leaving behind clothes in a pile that clearly, no-one is wearing. Poor Daiki, too, the kid’s probably gone to get his eyes checked after seeing two onee-chan’s. I would have liked two Saki’s, but I guess a Natsumi is fine too =/ Just think, now Saki gets two Natsumi’s, which is double the yuri! Two Rin’s really wouldn’t have made much of a difference, while two Yuka’s would probably be mind-blowing. One Yuka is probably enough, for everyone’s sakes. Though both Natsumi’s took a bath together and slept in the same bed, I’m disappointed to say that I don’t think it counts as yuri, seeing as they’re…the same person. It must be weird sleeping next to yourself, but at least Natsumi isn’t wrong in saying that the reason she’s so noisy is because she’s talking to herself xD

I don’t know too much about tennis other than the basic rules, but I think what they meant about “honest” Natsumi and dishonest Saki was that Saki probably tries to catch the opponent out or be a bit more deceptive in returning shots, while Natsumi sticks to conventions? I dunno, you’d need a tennis expert to explain that.

It’s very slice-of-lifey, this show. But underneath all that (it might just be me, mind you) I’m getting this sense of foreshadowing because we’ve started to have shots of all four of them together (or five, with the 2nd Natsumi) as well as lines like “I really wish we could play you again, but we can’t since you’re moving”. Dammit, why does Saki have to move?