Recorder to Randoseru Episodes 20 + 21: The Truth is Out!

That moment when you realize just how dumb you actually are.

My appologies everyone, due to work issues I wasn’t able to post last week’s episode on time, therefore I decided to double post it this week.



In episode 20, Atsushi continues his sports festival, still winning everything and bein boss. When it’s time for the child/guardian race though, he is mistaken for a guardian and Atsumi is thought to be the child. Sayo comes for a visit, continuing with her misunderstanding that she isn’t a complete pedophile.
Episode 21 consists of clearing up a lot of misunderstandings, as Sayo finally learns that Atsushi is a kid. HALLELUIAH!!! With this, she becomes super depressed, however her mood is lightened up with Take-Nii’s words of wisdom, and in the end she becomes a huge bitch towards Atsushi and the episode ends.


I can’t say much about last episode except the fact that I realized just how slow Sayo was when she didn’t notice Atsushi being in the guardian/child race with Atsumi, but then again it was finally cleared up in the next episode.
I’ve been waiting for an episode like this in such a long time!!! It kinda seems like the end of the series will resolve a few of those random plot holes we had throughout the whole show, and I was happy that this week Sayo finally realized she was a complete pedo. Now that she’s a complete bitch to him, I really wonder how things’ll turn out… The next few episodes should be promising.
I’m also curious to see what’ll happen to Take-Nii… Hey, maybe one day we’ll see his face!!!! That would be miraculous. I really want to see what deformity happens to be on his face for it to be that censored…
Also, random comment, everything was real pretty for this week’s episode, I especially liked the scene between Sayo and Take-Nii. Do I smell some romance maybe? Hey, you never know.

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