Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Ep 5: Kirie’s Insecurities



It’s time for Seikyou Academy’s cultural festival, and the Paranormal Investigation Club is holding a haunted house in the old school building with Yuuko acting as the resident ghost. Meanwhile, Kirie and Momoe go looking for decorations to spruce up the house and end up touring the festival and helping out at an imouto maid cafe.


It looks like we’re going through all of the anime stereotypes, with a beach/summer episode last week and a culture festival this week. Obviously it’s been tweaked a bit to suit the tastes of this show, but I felt that there was something lacking, especially this week as everything seems a bit stagnant.

I think what I was probably waiting for was some kind of plot development on the monster that’s been following Kirie around. Certainly  there were points where I thought it would actually appear, but given that the first time was just a random rat and the second turned out to be her own imagination of Yuuko, I was quite disappointed in the end. Is it possible that we’re being given subtle pieces of the mystery each time, and it’ll all fit together eventually?

We were introduced to yet another one of the school’s rumours by Momoe, and I must say, they’re getting more and more far-fetched each time. Sometimes it feels like she’s just making stuff up xD The creepy anatomical model (without a heart) ended up following them around for the entire time during the school festival, which eventually became more funny than awkward. I guess the students must be pretty used to seeing weird stuff all the time, since none of them were particularly freaked out.

It’s quite ironic that Kirie ended up looking like Yuuko when she maid cosplayed for that cafe. It’s been hinted at before, but Kirie’s secretly tsundere for Teiichi, and so her rival ends up being Yuuko, whom she also secretly aspires to be like. Other than the ghost part, of course. I think her main insecurity was that she thinks Yuuko is everything she isn’t, and was really blunt in asking Teiichi why he liked Yuuko more than herself – actually he never denied it, coming to think of it. For a moment I did actually think Kirie was Yuuko when she was first shown with the costume on, minus the personality of course. I guess that’s why Teiichi noticed the difference immediately, since the person running out of the haunted house never tried to glomp him.

Overall it was a calm episode – which is good in some ways, though I can’t help but wish there was more suspense and shock revelations instead of festivals and fanservice.

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