Altair ! Finally ! It is time for the many prophecies to become true, it is time for the people of Vega to understand the troubles of Altair. Neo-Deva has finally managed to set foot on the enemy stronghold and apparently that with only 5 people they might manage to actually do their mission just fine.

But now there is something really disturbing going on, it was quite easy to figure out that the soldier left out was mix, but she is now breastless (while she previously had some double D’s at the very least) and I’m confident that she might even have lost her womanhood too. I know that her power is to fill holes, but maybe she should have think twice before filling that one, Andy might be a little disappointed when he will finally figure out who she is.

On a more serious note on that matter, Mix was obviously brainwashed somehow, she hardly remember her name, she did not really react to the presence of the others and she is not a girl anymore.  I have a strange feeling that Altair has a strange way to change women into boys somehow, it would explain a lot after all. First of, Zessica has a cough, but most of all she seem to be feeling weird in her vaginal region ( or she simply had some crabs for being such a slut). Now that would be a really horrible turn of event, I know that love is something really powerful, but I simply couldn’t love someone the same way if their sex were to change from one day to another. I am really curious to see just how in love Andy really is, will he be able to stay in love with someone even if they are now a man instead? Hard to tell.

If girl turns to man on this planet, I wonder what will happen to Amata and Shrade. Amata is a pussy and Shrade is fabulous, maybe they will be affected too by the mysterious plague of Altair ! What if Amata finally grew some balls and actually said his opinions ! Or if Shrade was just as awesome but maybe a little less shiny while doing it? The world would be a better place. At the same time, Shrade should probably stay as he is, since it seems there will be a slutty guy and a yandere guy that will join their rank soon.

I really want to see how things will work out with Andy and MIx, but at the same time I’m really hyped to know and understand what the hell is going on with Amata and his mother, there is just so much we don’t know and don’t have a clue about with those two, even though it seems to be the real major plot point of the show.

At the very least we didn’t had to wait multiple episode before we were able to see Mix again, too bad that she is less busty and now she is only an over aggressive bitch instead of a beautiful over aggressive bitch.

ZeroG signing off

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  1. Kuro

    I have two predictions, either Andy and MIX will be a BL affair or MIX will get back to normal and have his/her big bangs back (Kagura’s ability to reverse the sex change would be a plausible way to do it). General prediction is that MIX will fill Andy’s hole, what ever that is.

    Also, Mykage is a fucking troll.

    1. ZeroG

      If Mix returns to normal, it might be Andy filling Mix Hole…if you know what I mean.

      But on a more serious note, I completely agree that Mykage really is an amazing troll, I have no clue what his real motivations are, but he acts like he is doing everything for the lulz.

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