What a splendid conclusion to the flash back arc, what an unexpected turn of event and such a wonderful death. Everything was so well done in this setup, I don’t think I can think of anything negative to say about it.

The Queen was JFK’d, her dream was sent to ashes and her speeches will never be heard again.  Such a shocking ending, of course just about everyone was expecting that she would die from the hand of the celestial dragon or she would be kept as a slave. It was surprising just to see her live long enough to survive that ordeal and to finally be killed by one of her own. In the end, even the worse kind of human (the celestial dragon) were not as dangerous as her own people. It is a sad reality of life, sometimes the obstacle you need to overcome in life are not what might keep you from your dreams. Most of the time it is the people who are jealous of your dream and try to bring you down that are the greatest threat to your success and dream.

In other news, we already knew that the Princess was able to summon the Sea King, but I was not expecting their power to be this destructive, I knew they were big and scary, but the power to sink just about any island back to the sea? THAT IS POWER! The Prophecy talked about during the episode referred to a man who could control and awaken the Princess true power and guide her to change the world. Well, I don’t know why, but I have a good idea who that man might be and I wouldn’t be surprised if that man had a rubber body and a straw hat.

That final scene were the two brothers were trying to cheer up their big sister in order to avoid a disaster was simply so heart breaking. It must be so hard to accept reality so quickly, they were not allowed to see their mother in her final instants, instead they had to keep fighting to protect those near them that were still alive and well, they had to keep their sister happy for their mother dream not to vanish with her final breath. Sometimes I wonder how a long shot like One Piece can still manage to have such deeply touching scenes. But then again, it is pretty much the reason why someone would even bother to watch the 546th episode of a show, because there is still so much emotion and story development that we don’t want it to end just yet.

This episode was great, just a few episodes back we saw the death of a legend and now we just witnessed another one, It might all be part of the past, but it is still great story telling and really touching, even though we all knew it was going to happen, I had no idea it would happen so suddenly and out of the blue.

ZeroG signing off