It’s time for the school festival! Let’s all have fun~ ^.^


The first part is all about preparing the Crêpe Shop stand for the next day, causing multiple injuries in fact only one, but it seemed deadly enough. The stand is opened on the next day, and the team’s costumes as well as Io’s amazing talent in making crêpes gives them a humongous lineup on the first day, making their stand super popular.
Now that’s a proper food stall for a school festival. I mean, what’s a school festival without solar panels and ultra batteries ta get it to last without electricity all time long? Kids these days are so lazy, gee…
K, honestly, everything about that Crêpe stand was super fuckin’ genius. Mayoi’s solar panels were awesome, the crepes looked amazing, the Host costumes were hilarious and Tsumiki was ADOOOOOORABLE in that mascot costume!!! It’s too bad she hated it D:
I was happy with this episode, particularly since there were a few things which we saw in it that were quite different from other episodes before, notably seeing Mayoi wear something that actually looked cute on her. Another thing which impressed me was Sakaki finally facing a near-death experience. I mean, that guy had fireworks thrown at his head and he was never in danger, and now he gets a single flag stuck in his brain and it gets dangerous? Pffft! You’ve gotta be kidding me, that was nothing! What about Tsumiki and Hime getting nosebleeds abundant enough to take a bath in? Nooo, that’s not exaggerated at all… This show’s retarded. And that’s why I love it~
But moving on… I don’t think there was anything else worth mentioning in this episode… It was funny, but not very discussable, in my opinion anyway. The only other thing I want to mention is that we finally had our first hint at seeing Mayoi and Sakaki shipped together! When the class was gossiping about them, it made me happy 🙂 I like that pair, they fit so well together. Next episode, beware of the Pedobears and old men wearing red suits! They’re scary people.