I don’t think this post will be enough for me to express the love I have for this show~

Type: TV
Aired: Spring 2012
Animation Company: AIC
Genre: Romance, School, Comedy
Episodes: 12
Overall Rating: 8.5/10


*Warning: Tsumiki invasion incoming*


As a comedy show, with no plot or no intention of having a plot, it’s kinda tough to judge this kind of category. However, if you take in consideration its genre and compare it to other like shows, Acchi Kocchi can be considered very easily up there amongst the better ones. Having watched and dropped both Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star, which seem like they are pretty much the most popular shows in that genre, for me to watch this one in full and not get tired of the jokes or the characters definitely makes its “plot” as an awesome one indeed.

I wish I could be that badass

What to consider in the Comedy/School branch is if the episodes managed to keep you hooked or not with its humour and/or its cuteness. Acchi Kocchi did both, with quality and talent, giving us a good combination of cute and funny, while avoiding redundancies. I loved the fact that although some jokes came back, they weren’t overused, and every 3 episodes or so brought some new material for us to laugh about. And man, did I laugh. The jokes were SO funny, unexpected, and brilliant! 🙂 I loved every minute of these 12 episodes, and more since I often paused the episode so I could laugh.
A single bad point:
1) The ending was an open ending. I hate open endings if second seasons aren’t there, even for shows without plot hint hint Get me a second season!





Yeah, that pretty much sums up what I’ve got to say about the main character. Her development was lacking, but this wasn’t really the main purpose of the show, and she proved so many times how cute she was and how much she was awesome as a main character.

Note: That cannon is up on my wishlist

On the side, all the others were also really original and full of quality. From Io the playboy, to Sakaki the bullied, to Mayoi the crazy inventor, all of them made me laugh my head off or fangirl like crazy at least once per episode. If one character were to be pointed out as less interesting, it’d be Hime, but maybe it’s just because she didn’t strike me as interesting. Maybe she striked others?
Anyways, point is, all the main characters were awesome, the side characters also gave their part, and I wish Mayoi would exist so that she’d create inventions such as  an eco-friendly Crêpe Stand for my school festival. Overall, there was a huge lack of character development for pretty much everyone, especially concerning Io, but in the end the personalities stood out enough and covered up a lot of it.




Sadly enough, their ED commercials kinda worked, considering I really want that figurine…

Animation: 10/10
OP quality: 8/10
ED quality: 7/10
Art: 8/10
OST: 9/10
Voice Actors: 9/10
Although the animation and OST were top-notch and made everything that much more funny/cute, I have to admit that I didn’t really like Tsumiki’s character art -_-‘ The animation and seiyuu made her incredibly cute nonetheless, but until she opened her mouth in the first episode I really did not like the way she looked. Mayoi’s character art was also kinda weird… Matches her personality I guess *coughcough*
As for the OP and ED, they were okay. I did really like the ending song before, but I got sick of it pretty fast, and the credits were pretty long and boring and too commercially related stop showing figurines. The OP was nice, it was sweet, but once again, it didn’t stick into my mind and it’s an opening that’s easily forgettable.



Overall Impression

This show was the cutest thing and the funniest thing I had seen in a long time. I haven’t watched much so I can’t compare it to all other shows, but this show was definitely among my favourites, and I’d be down to hear about a second season anytime 🙂 Acchi Kocchi was the perfect combination of funny and cute, something which is a bit hard to do sometimes when it’s not a full-on romance show.


This has my stamp of approval 🙂

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    I agree with Myst – this story is so cute, funny and heartwarming I was touch many a times and more. I love it – I really do.

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