Rea expresses her wish to go to a festival where fireworks are being displayed, but it gets cancelled due to rain. Furuya decides to hold his own fireworks session in his backyard, with Wanko and Mero joining in. Later on, Rea goes back to her mansion to gather her stuff, as she has decided to return to school. At the old location where she first met Furuya, Rea suddenly enters a zombie-like state and kisses him, seemingly in a trance.

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That was…an ending? Somehow I have this weird feeling that this was an anime-original episode, despite the fact that I’ve read the manga before (and even then that was ages ago). As a cliffhanger episode or a transition into a new arc, sure I don’t really mind, but as an ending? I feel like they’ve started a lot of things that they never ended up finishing this ep, since while the show is definitely set up well for a second season, this isn’t the way to do it, especially when that S2 is still unannounced as of yet.

One of the things they raised was the concept of Rea’s body eventually rotting away, as of course she’s a dead body that decays over time. Thus she’s aware that she has a limited time left for her to do all the things she wanted to and live like a normal girl, which is why Furuya agreed to let her go to school again, and organise things like mini firework viewings. Like the fireworks, she’ll eventually give out as well – so for her, living with Furuya “forever” isn’t as realistic as he might hope it to be. There’s also that danger that Rea might succumb to her inner zombie nature, which we randomly seem to see popping up every once in a while. Does this mean Furuya’s temporarily half-zombie again?

Rea’s kinda unwilling to pursue her relationship with Furuya for these reasons, even though it’s clear as day that she loves Furuya just as Wanko does. I’m proud of Wanko to have worked out her feelings and is starting to openly pursue Furuya – it’s nice to see that kind of character development once in a while, even from a third wheel-ish character, who I actually like this time due to Wanko not being as annoying as most generic childhood friends.

All in all, it was a good series. I mean, it’s quietened down since the conclusion of the confrontation with Rea’s father, and I wasn’t expecting anything major to come out of the last episode – maybe they should have just ended it with 11? It’s not too uncommon nowadays. A second season is possible, but depends largely on stuff like BD sales and the general message sent by the fanbase, though it might not be good to count on that seeing some of the recent series that somehow got a sequel. Anyway, that’s it from me. Keep cheering on for Rea, guys.