A year has passed, and it is Valentine’s day again! What will happen this time…?


All 3 girls prepare their chocolates, Mayoi once again makes suspicious ones, and on Valentines’ Day Tsumiki is super ready to give her chocolates to Io… Until she notices that she forgot them at home faaaaaaaaail.
The rest of the day, everyone gives chocolates to Io and Sakaki, which makes Tsumiki feel a little sad, while Hime feels bad for her.After school, Tsumiki rushes out probably to get her chocolates, however it starts raining and Io chases after her so that she can share his umbrella. The time when he catches up is the time when Tsumiki gives him her chocolates, as she nosebleeds again and ruins the cute moment.
A month later, it is White Day! All the girls speculate on what the “threefold” return means, while the guys have a huge conversation about the importance of Valentine’s day chocolates while they make their own for White Day.When the day comes, everyone receives chocolates, and in the end Tsumiki gets a cute little kitty attached to hers from Io because she’s special ^.^ d’Awwww.
…That’s it? D: Awww, I guess I got my hopes up too high…
I think after last episode I expected more development between Io and Tsumiki than they could possibly give us in a Slice of Life-Comedy show. This week, it didn’t seem like Io was any more awakened than before, and he was as dense as usual. At least now he’s acknowledged that Tsumiki was more special than others, which makes me happy enough, but for a season finale it was a bit… Meh.
Overall, this episode kept going on the mood of last episode, giving us cute moments and love-love vibes all over. Seeing two side characters also have some romantic times as well as to notice all the guys have a discussion about girls and the importance of Valentine’s Day chocolate was really nice. Compared to last Valentine’s Day where everyone was basically joking around except Tsumiki, this time the guys were actually a lot more serious about it, showing slightly an increase in maturity.

*sniff* They’ve all grown so much!

As for the girls, looks like Mayoi and Hime haven’t grown at all… But hey, Tsumiki was so bold and ready to give out her chocolates that I find it hard not to overlook the other two and just pity her. It’s so sad that she forgot her chocolates! sniff Hime pitying her only made it more sad in the end. At least, she ended up giving her chocolates in the end. Although the nosebleed totally ruined the cute moment. I rarely say anything bad about the animation, but that was one thing which just ruined the mood and didn’t make me laugh :/
If I followed the manga, my guess is that it continues after this, which means there’s more to add to this series, which gives me strong hopes for a second season :). It’s not a show that particularly needs one, however I’d be freakin’ happy if that were to happen… I’ll never get sick of my weekly dose of Tsumiki and Mayoi!
As a conclusion, I give you this!!!
Because Mayoi is just that awesome.


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  1. KM

    This anime touches my soul. My God it is beautiful!

    1. Myst

      I APPROVE!!!! 😀

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