“I know he can because he is my friend.” – Killua Zoldyk


Due to Killua’s brother’s participation on the Hunter Exam, his results were extremely affected at the last phase where he had gone insane and killed another applicant which was against the rules. The higher ups decided to drop him out of the applicants. When Gon asked Killua’s brother, Illumi, if where is Killua then later he said he went home.

Of course, the Zoldyk Family house is located in the isolation of the Kukuroo Mountain which is guarded by a huge gate that even five normal people cannot open. This leaves the group, Gon, Kurapika and Leorio, to give the “Testing Gate” a try which took them a day to get one door open and more remaining.

Still, they were able to convince the guard to let them inside and even saw the house’s guard dog, Mike. Still, the party needs to pass through another person who guards the entrance to the house territories. Although that ended up well because of Gon’s persistence and he was convinced that Gon really is a friend of his master.

Then finally, the house butlers challenge Gon before letting him meet Killua by toss coins and which hand gets the coin. He did several times, and in tremendous speed, but still, Gon manages to tell which hand exactly was the coin. Then later, Killua comes in the scene complaining why is Gon still not arrived but then meet the person he is waiting for.


Even though this part of the story only had several episodes for it, this is kind of my favorite part. If I were to compare it with the original series, this part was elaborately told and had more episodes to cover. Especially it explained how the Zoldyk Family has been living their life and how cruel the family blood line is and how hard it is for Killua to be living in the family.

Also, the family fierce look and aura had lessened because of the animation style and quality. Not to mention, they emitted the “mature” taste in the remake that is why the family doesn’t look that fierce compared to the original series but I like how the humor inside the family still goes especially with Killua’s mother and her obsessed character towards her son.

Even though a lot of people despise the Zoldyk Family, this arc managed to tell the viewers how the family has been living on and how important they are to each other. Especially the guards and butlers, they have been giving such importance and loyalty to their masters which were cute, for me.

There are actually times where I wanted the series to elaborate more about the Zoldyk Family members but it didn’t happen in this part of the story which was a little disappointing but I too would really expect one in the future episodes.

Since this part of the story tells how strongly attached Killua and Gon are to each other after the Hunter Examination, and how their trust to each other goes, it was the best part of the HxH so far and so good. I’m still looking forward to more obstacles their friendship would face.


Well, I guess that’s for the Kukuroo Mountain: Zoldyk Family House arc. Next review will be about the Heavens Arena where Hisoka and Gon must fight.

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  1. Rin

    So detailed A
    I’ve finished the old Hunter x Hunter but never really got the chance to see the new version. I’ve looked through the episodes briefly and wasn’t sure if they covered the beginning parts of the series too well– it looked like it was pretty short.

    So I’m just wondering, which version did you like better?

    1. Linzz

      If it’s story-wise, I would really prefer the original version but I seriously love the story-flow of the remake version. They emitted some boring parts from the original which was a wise decision. Surely, if you have liked the original, you would also appreciate the new version. 🙂

      It is still a recommendation to watch the remake version. Not to mention, the animation is cool too. (That was a lot of ‘tion’ XD)

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