“It’s Game Time.” – Freecell

Summary so far:

After the case with the POG (Puzzle of God) group and settling down the issue between Kaito and Rook, comes another group of puzzle-enthusiast to challenge Daimon Kaito and his friends. Not only they have come to have fun with puzzles against the Children of the Phi Brain, but they came to avenge something to Kaito.

Their leader head of the group, Freecell, came and said that he is from the Orpheus Order which worships Orpheus and aims to free mankind from the grasp of an unfair God, and being an orpheus armband bearer, made the thing he said serious. He also tends to say that Kaito betrayed him a long time ago as par with Kaito’s past with his besfriend, Rook, and curses him for breaking free from the Orpheus armband because of his own free will.

The Orpheus Order has other members who wear an Orpheus armband as well, making the order’s member count to five where there were originally seven armbands. The order also follows a certain leader, who is yet to be known.

Kaito, who is confused about what is happening and curious about what happen to his past with Freecell, made him a shakable, emotionally and mentally which affects his puzzle-related judgments and causes him to fail solving puzzles. Thanks to his friends’ help and non-stop support, he recovered at their last battle and won over the Orpheus order; but then, knowing later on, that the Orpheus order aims to duplicate the armband to go against God.


I had a serious disappointment from the season 1’s last episode because it had the most suck-y puzzle I have ever seen in the whole season 1 series. But I was so happy to learn that there will be a continuation of the series and plus, my favorite singer, Nano, sang the opening song, Now or Never, with the help of Devilish. So it was a sudden recovery.

I am actually very happy but then these new characters, members of the Orpheus Order, are very cunning to my eyes. I don’t know why but I don’t like how they deal with everything how they decide on things; especially with Freecell. He’s a lunatic, imo. I never did like him since I first saw him in his appearance unlike with Rook who was so cool on his first appearance. Although I know that it is all because of the Orpheus armband but still… he is a psycho.

Other than the characters, I hated the part where they battled against each other with one puzzle, only with different starting lines except for the last round which became really interesting since it was 2 versus 2.

Having to see a puzzle being solved many times is making everything boring. But the thing that made me watch through the episodes was the character development: how Kaito’s friends had helped him when he was hopeless was so precious that I was so happy for the main character to be so down like that and I like the idea how everyone is so attached to Kaito and puzzles all the time.

The Orpheus Order is laying low at the mean time but I have a feeling that something big is coming and I so look forward to it especially the Order’s leader to be revealed AND MORE PUZZLES. PRZ.