The daimyos are repeatedly circled through five hiding spots to prevent the Akatsuki from finding them, with Black Zetsu pursuing their location. Meanwhile, as the Tsuchikage arrive to aid the Gaara’s company, Kankuro’s group encounter 4 resurrected shinobi, Hanzou and Chiyo among them. With the First Company war has fully broken out, and the Zetsu’s are easily fended off by the various shinobi on the cliff side. Asuma and Dan are intercepted by Akimichi Choza, while Hiashi fights his brother, who now realizes that the Hyuuga clan no longer share the same values they once did. At the beach, Darui faces off with the Gold and Silver Brothers, Kinkaku and Ginkaku.

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In the end we did get some action, but I must admit that I was slightly disappointed by how little there was in comparison to the walking and talking. At least the show poked fun at the political system a bit, which I didn’t miss at all xD The daimyos made light of war, taking for granted that they’d be saved and only caring about the medals that they’d award after it was over – I doubt they’ll ever know how close they were to being killed by Black Zetsu, or ever appreciate the lengths that shinobi actually go to in protecting these lords. Mei sucking up to the Mist daimyo was fun to see though; I don’t think she’s ever bowed down to someone that much before.

I’m surprised how they can manage to still keep a somewhat light-hearted mood considering everything that’s happened in the war thus far. I had the strangest feeling of watching some sort of slice-of-life when Matsuri-chan and her friend were talking as if everything was normal, asking about Kekkei Touta then giving very schoolgirly responses. Aside from the fact that I bet Temari secretly didn’t know herself, I wouldn’t have thought there’d be any need for Shikamaru to explain from the very beginning, since explanations like these are pretty much for the viewer’s benefit. I dunno, maybe I just found the concept more straightforward than it was.

Anyway, the fights have started! We have battles like Choza against Asuma and Dan, or Hiashi vs Hizashi, which seems to be evenly matched. Even the regular background shinobi are completely pwning the Zetsu, who only seems to serve the purpose of mindlessly walking to their deaths o.O In the forest we also have Kankuro and his team, facing off against Chiyo, Hanzou, Kimimaro and some other guy. I know Kankuro has improved, but I doubt he’s good enough to beat a reanimated Granny Chiyo. And not to mention there’s both Hanzou and Kimimaro there. Hanzou would have been bad enough all on his own.

The main stage lies with Darui vs Kinkaku/Ginkaku though, which promises to be epic xD Darui is such a boss with his cool Raiton moves, as well as his Gale Style though we don’t know exactly what that does just yet xD Against a much older generation with Kyuubi chakra to boot (see that preview, guys?) he might get a bit more trouble than he bargained for, especially as so far, the reanimated past shinobi seem to be much more formidable than the guys we have right now.