Amata and Kagura might be the same person, but they sure look more like two brothers fighting than anything else. I always wondered what it would be like to have a clone of myself, now that I know I don’t think I want to experiment it anymore.

The episode was pretty good, things are heating up, there is some intense mecha action going on all episode long, but in the end, nothing happened when it came down to it. Mikage now wants to be the God of the world and the Destroyer of Love, the two world are close to be reunited and Mix and Andy finally are together once again. That might sound like much, but we knew all those things were going to happen already, it is really nothing new. I wish something out of the ordinary would have happened.

Mikage sounded awesome before, but now he sounds more and more like a  butthurt little child who wants revenge on his ex. Who wants to ruin the party for everyone because he didn’t get to have his Apollo all for himself. I wish there was a little more depth to his rage, that he would have some better reason, vengeance might sound cool, but it gets redundant after a while, it is after all only a pitiful form of justice.  Next episode is the last, and we can already know that things won’t go smoothly for Mikage, I can already see him die, his body pierced by Fudo, just like he always wanted.

While Mikage wants to destroy all form of love, Andy and Mix were finally reunited once again and it was really cute actually. I don’t even know if I would have it in my heart to continue loving a loved one if she was to become a he. Andy really is a great lover despite his obsession for big breasts. But we all know the curse will be lifted next episode anyway, and then it will be a lot less awkward for the both of them. Actually Andy might very well be the luckiest guy in the world, he’ll have a girlfriend that knows what it is like to be a guy, if he is lucky enough she’ll even remember the libido that goes with it. What a lucky bastard.

The one thing that keep impressing me in this show is the music. It is really exciting to hear and it pops up at the best moments. I think I liked the action more because of the music than the action itself, it really brings the show to a whole new level.

ZeroG signing off