When the show first started airing I figured that there were so many characters because they had to die at one point or another, but as thing progressed I started to feel like Koko’s team were truly invincible, since after all even after all those gunfight the only thing that got a scratch is Lutz’s butt. But now it seems there is a team that are good enough to maybe kill a few of them. I somehow still doubt that Hugo will die, we haven’t learned enough about him for him to die just yet, but with the way things are right now, it is a good possibility.

Velmet finally ran away, she is by far the character we know the most about, I would not even be surprised if she were to be the first to die too. It would be a good conclusion to her own story after all. She could go and kill the man who haunts her life since so many years, finally put her head at peace and leave this world for those who still have a reason to live in it. She might love Koko, but in the end she is only a soldier and she joined her team because she was a restless warrior looking for a key to her misery. Now that Koko has opened up the gate to the world for Velmet, it is easy to guess where in the world she would go to.

At first I was quite surprised to see that Jonah willingly followed Velmet around to spy on her, after all he is just a child soldier and he doesn’t seem to have much initiative when the objective doesn’t involve killing someone. It made much sense when we learned that Koko was the one who ordered Jonah to do it. Jonah might be an incredible soldier for his age, but he lacks any kind of intellect when it comes down to this, Koko will always be the head and brain of operation out there.

I’m curious how this arc will end, for the first time there are head hunters after Koko and they seem to actually know what they are doing. They are just as crazy as usual, but at the very least they have a leader who is not simply batshit insane with a deathwish. They have a dream, they want to open a restaurant ! Everyone has the right to dream right? It is always funny to see professional hitman speaking of their dream to open a restaurant, but we have no idea where they come from, maybe they were born and raised in crazyness and it was the only way they knew how to live. I’m sure we’ll get to know that bunch better as they get closer to their death.

ZeroG signing off