What an incredible episode this was, there are 4 heroes left and they need to die in the span of 3 episodes, awesomeness is obligatory. Rider and Archer had their faceoff this episode and it was mind-blowing to say the least.

I’m a bit sad that Rider had to die before Berserker, since in my opinion he was a much more interesting character than the latter.  But his death was just as epic as he deserved. We all knew that he had no chance against Archer, the difference in power was just too much, but to see him ride his horse towards a certain death with Waiver watching him behind, he really showed us what it meant to be king. He had thousands of man looking and him and dreaming, he had to be the hero they saw in him, he had to shoulder their hope and make their dream become reality.

The fight itself between Rider and Archer was quite One Sided, even with everything out and by setting aside his own life, Rider didn’t come close to the power of the King of Heroes.  In the end, even while using all his might, Rider was unable to lay a single finger on Archer, his speed simply wasn’t enough to reach him. It was kind of funny though that Rider jumped over a crevice that was twice the size of the bridge and he was still not even close to catch up to Archer, why would he voluntarily increase the distance between him and Archer in his own noble fantasm, I have no idea.

While Rider was easily defeated, I must say that Archer Noble Fantasm was far from an ordinary ability. Rider was able to summon an army with his, Saber could destroy a fortress. But Archer had one to destroy a planet. A freaking planet. Screw the army or the destruction of fortress, they are all pointless when you can control the whole wide world. It was not Rider lack of strength or heroism that brought him defeat, it was simply Archer fundamental invincibility.

Even if Archer is such a monster, I still can’t help but like him. He never tried to humiliate Rider, he respected him, even if he knew that he was not as strong as him. Even more than that, he even let Waiver live, he didn’t take his life even if it would have been easy for him to do so, instead he let him go, he did it most likely to pay his respect Rider in a postmortem manner. It was inspiring of him.

In completely different news, I never thought we would be told Berserker’s true identity. I always believed that he would remain nameless until the end, so I was extremely surprised to discover that he was Lancelot, the best Knight of the Round. I have no idea what the story will say about this, If we follow the original counts I could understand how Lancelot went berserk after his affair with Guinevre (Arthur’s wife) and his adventure to find the holy grail. But right now Arthur is actually a girl, so I have no idea how that will work out for the story.

But now that Berserker’s identity is known, it will make his fight against Saber just so much more interesting. They have a past and unresolved issues to work out, plus we still don’t even know what those issues actually are. It makes next episode simply that much more interesting already.

ZeroG signing off