The war for the holy grail is finally over, Kiritsugu forfeited the grail and therefore Kirei was the one who ended up with his wish granted.  His wish of complete destruction and obliteration. What a great conclusion for that man, Kirei was clueless and had no idea who he really was inside. He was an empty man, he roamed the world, doing all the job people assigned to him, but he never had a will of himself.

Now he still doesn’t know why he is who he is, but the grail has at least showed him who he really was inside. As he said in the episode, he now has the solution to who he is, but he doesn’t know what makes him this way, he will join the next grail war to find the answer to those questions. Meanwhile, Gilgamesh actually acquired a real body into this world. It has been a long time since earth had seen a demi-god walk on it. I don’t know how awesome or terrible it will be for the people on earth to have someone has powerful as Gilgamesh walk around and dominate everything.

I’m most surprised with the way this show ended. First of all, Kirei died but is still alive for some reason, Kiritsugu lost his very will to live or close to it and it just seems like everyone is really unhappy in general. Waiver lives with his fake grandparent to make them happy and Kirei is glad he has destroyed everything, but other than that, it seems that the cost for a single wish was the hope and dreams of the worlds bravest. Even sadder is the fact that Kirei’s dream was to have the cup from two girl one cup be dropped in the middle of japan. If I was a building hit by that I would destroy myself to ruin too.

My favorite scene in the episode was by far when Kirei gives Rin the dagger. It is simply priceless to see the little girl start crying while Kirei knows full well that this dagger is more than a family heirloom, it is the weapon that put her in that situation to begin with. Rin will have such a beautiful commemorative item of her father, the very weapon that killed him from the man who killed him. I couldn’t do otherwise but to start crying of laughter at that point, it was too beautiful a scene.

This show was phenomenally good, but this episode was pretty much only the conclusion, it was needed, it was interesting, but it was nothing close to the epicness of previous episode during the season. It was a nice way to make the bridge between Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night (which I have yet to see). But now that I am done watching Fate/Zero, I’ll try to find some time to watch Fate/Stay Night and continue this interesting story.

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  1. JAMC

    Read the visual novel instead

  2. Thess

    Fate/Stay Night is an awful adaptation of the poorest route, go to the Visual Novel instead. Please.

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