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Summary: Someone has a “good” idea, and decides that Tamaki’s body needs 24-hour protection. So, sleepover time! Mahiro elaborates on his dreams of travel and glory, and Tamaki is blinded by too many nekkid men in the hot tub together.


Well, well, well. What do we have here? A fanservice episode? And one that had guys in it? APPROVED. Despite my distinct displeasure in fanservice episodes, this was pretty much, what I think, to be the best episode of Hiiro no Kakera so far. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like the animation improved a hundred-fold to make it decent, or any of the guys became profound and interesting, it was the sheer time and how the writers decided to change things up.

OK, so Tamaki needing protection 24-hours a day, by 5 guys was totally not an obvious play, but it actually revealed something interesting things. For one, Mahiro brought along his motorcycle poster, and has a quiet moment where he talked about the dreams that he hoped to have when this “protecting the next Tamayorihime and preventing the destruction of the known world” gig was up.

Which was…nice. Last episode’s moment between him and Yuuichi didn’t quite hit the note that was needed to tie the mood of the episode together, but this interaction between him, Inukai, and Tamaki was refreshing for once.

The one huge problem I had with the episode also ties in the bathing boys in the bath. OK, so growing up around guys, like fathers, siblings,  guy friends, seeing guys with less than 100% clothing is…not shocking. Maybe I’m modern, and also into fine arts (READ: live drawing is mandatory), but Tamaki…did you really have to shriek like that? I mean, they’re in the bath. There is one bath. All the guys are in it (cue BL connotations), and they are bathing together because they don’t have the luxury of having the bath all to them-princess selves. Her initial reaction to guys in the house was outright childish…as if she expected something bad to happen. What happened to all the trust you wanted to place in the Guardians? I guess that only applies when you are standing helpless in a battlefield while 5 guys lay down their lives for you.

Her reaction to guys coming out of the bath:


Grow up, woman. -____________-  YOU CAN’T HAVE THEM ALL, FUAHAHAHAHA.