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Well, yes, I’m a new writer for Angry Anime Bitches and this is my introduction post! Yay! So Anyway, everyone on the net calls me Linzz and even my real life friends. Please, do not and NEVER you will, add any honorific or whatnot to my nick name. XD I find it very uncomfortable.

I’m a big fan of anime, manga, vocaloids and an online game enthusiast. An amateur artist and a self-proclaimed graphic artist. I am usually a ranter and rants or shares about almost everything I see on the interwebs.

I am very fond of Yaoi/Shounen-ai, Seinen, Sports, Josei, and got tired of too much Shoujo in life. haha I like Rin and Len Kagamine and it’s not because they are obviously cute but just because they are.

What else? Erm… I’ve been blogging ever since I know how and ditched a lot of blogs because I don’t really know what else to put so I decided to actually stop on making blogs after reaching the conclusion that I am good at graphic works especially with 2D (as I would self-proclaim it). So please visit my grpahic/work/etc blog anytime.

As I’ve seen AAB posted a notice that they are searching for a new writer so I got myself involved. Thanks to Eva, Myst, Vantage, and Zero for the interview even though we have some problems with time zones. =)

So, I hope I’d be able to do my tasks well and on time. haha